Aussie Nintendo Store - Gargoyle after every meal...

It's time to relax people, there are a couple of games this week. One is for the eShop and the other for WiiWare. But next week will be the motherload (hopefully) as the Ambassador NES titles should be delivered. At the very worst we'll be getting at least one NES game.

But enough about next week, what about this week I hear you say!

3DS Virtual Console Gargoyle's Quest (Game Boy, Capcom, $4.50) - A spin-off of the Ghouls and Ghost game, this adventure game puts you in control of Firebrand the gargoyle. He's the proud guardian of the Ghoul Realm and unfortunately The Destroyers have arrived to wipe out his planet. Guess what you have to do?

WiiWare Aya and the Cubes of Light (Object Vision, 1000 Points) - A puzzler which has made the transition from DSiWare to WiiWare isn't a strange phenomenon. So how does this one stand out from the crown, especially with the 1000 price point? The game amounts to a rubiks cube in space with platforming elements. To me that sounds pretty rad. Yes, I said rad.

Free games next week, I'm pumped!

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    *looks at headline*

    Daniel. Get. Out. :P

    Ah! A pun! I love them! Unlike the games this week.

    Sept. 1st next time, so I can finally play some games.

    Man, I never played Gargoyle's Quest on GB, but I played the sequels on NES and SNES and they were fantastic. A little hard in some parts.

    Demon's Crest = best Firebrand game. If they had that on the 3DS then I'd really be tempted to pick one up.


    Man, I loved that game.

      Seconded! That was one of my favourite Gameboy games. I wish I knew where my original copy went, I still have almost every other game and can still play them in my DS, but I can't find Gargoyle's Quest.

    When the frick are we getting the fricking free fricking games???

    (Been watching a lot of Scrubs lately)

    Oh, next week? Cool.

    I always wanted Gargoyle's Quest on the GB, but could never find it!

    Sold! Thanks Nintendo!

    Headline got me to chuckle, +1 for you vooks

    All I want is Super Mario, my life will be complete when i have that

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