Aussie Nintendo Store: Insert Coins

It's beginning to be a bad trend with our fair weekly updates, it was good for a while when the eShop was brand new and now it's just devolved into a cesspool of mediocrity. This mediocrity isn't so much the content, some of it's quite good but the volume of it isn't. This week there is one Game Boy game and a DSiWare game for DSi and 3DS owners. That's it.

We know Nintendo's planning some awesome free NES and GBA games for us in the future but seriously Nintendo, this is all we get here in Australia?

Alright fair enough, there's three more titles that Europe are getting this week, but if we're meant to have our own eShop managers, shouldn't Australia know we're not getting some of these games and give us others first. Anything.

3DS Virtual Console Pac-Man (Game Boy, Nintendo, $4.50) - Pac-Man is a ton of fun to play, even with black and white visuals and a scrolling field. Perhaps it might worth waiting until Pac-Man Dimensions is out in a few weeks for your Pac-Man fix. Wakka Wakka.

DSiWare The Lost Town: The Dust (CIRCLE Entertainment, 500 Points) - Action RPG fans listen up, this is one for you and for you only. DSiWare games don't get much love around these parts, but this is one that should.

Anything this week then folks?

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    For all their claims that they will do online right with their new consoles, Nintendo's not doing a lot to give people faith at the moment...

    (I like Nintendo, I don't like the way that their support for current consoles is severely lacking).

    Are the eShop Pre-paid cards available yet?

    shouldn't the DSiWare all be available on the 3DS? Its not that all titles need the 3D, also is the 3DS backwards compatible

      "a DSiWare game for DSi and 3DS owners."

    I love that Pac-Man image! It gives you an idea on what the actual story of the game might be.. An astronaut (with a Pac-Man shaped helmet) who is haunted by his dead colleagues, having to take anxiety pills to deal with it all lol.

    I remember you could buy it printed on a T-Shirt, but cant remember the site now.

    Weird to apologise about a price drop and then really do little to fix the problem from the back end.

    Wouldn’t you have thought that this weeks eShop releases would be in the 10s at minimum?

    Apologising is one thing, making amends for the very reason you are forced to make the price drop for (no games on your system = poor sales) is another thing entirely!

    While I appreciate the fact that I get free ambassador games for my early purchase, other people aren’t purchasing a 3DS for the reason you are making the price drop, no games! Just because there is a price drop doesn't automatically mean more sales. Flood the eShop with DSi, VC, 3DSware and WiiWare by releasing a tonne of games, advertise that and I’m sure the sales would pick up.

    Other than laziness on Nintys part, I can see no other reason why any of the ambassador games haven't been released yet, or for that matter couldn't be on day 1 of the free program. There is also no reason other than laziness that ANY back catalog game cant be released tomorrow!! There seems there seems to be the old “release a little, give them a chance to buy so we can get sales for those products” angle. Well no, that wont work when you release crap titles every week!

    Can anyone at Kotaku get a response from Ninty for why after an apology they still cannot get things right! Wouldn't the eShop be the 1st point of repair to encourage more purchasing because of the lame hard copy game list. They even mentioned somewhere that "SMB3D and Mario Kart 7 are coming out later in the year so please be patient". Well fine, but frikken give us the massive amount of games you have previously made and have access to via the eShop!!


    Does the Wiii VC even get a look in anymore?

    There are so many games that need to come across from the SNES and N64

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