Aussie Nintendo Store: Not Even Worth it

There's a grand total of one game to check out this week. It's a Virtual Console title for the 3DS - so at least there's something to play on it. DSiWare and WiiWare get absolutely nothing here in Australia.

3DS Virtual Console Avenging Spirit (Game Boy, Jaleco, $4.50) - You scoundrel! You're a murdered gangster out to rescue his women, one problem though. You're dead, you'll have to use your ghastly form to inhabit the body of others to get to your goal and make sure she's safe.

That's it, I'm going to complain or go on about it. I just hope you all got your 3DS connected to the store yesterday so you could get your NES and GBA games. What a week for new owners picking up a 3DS on the price drop.


    Complain or go on about it then, we're listening!

      Until the Classification costs are revised for smaller titles or Nintendo decides to better embrace online - there's no point.

      Don't next week we get something funny, so at least they'll be that.

        They should base the it on a percentige. You know, maybe uses the tax on the games to pay for the classifaciton.

        Except the US only got 3 more titles and they are all DSiWare and none of them them all the interesting either

    "What a week for new owners picking up a 3DS on the price drop. "

    But they'll be new, everything will be fresh...

      This is true, still not a fine example of what a weekly download should contain.


      You rang?

        Oh, never mind, for some reason I didn't know your proper name, normally this shows up as a Vooks thing, which indeed you are, as I now see. I'll move along, watering broccoli and all that jazz.

    I saw this and just facepalmed... I really want some Wario games or something, that'd restore my faith in Nintendo right now

    i have a feeling that by the time the next generation DS comes out the only good E-Store Games will be the 20 ambassador ones.

    This is poor form by nintendo.

    I personally believe that if they got as much of the entire back catalog up and online. They wouldn't need to really make any games.

    Theres a reason that emulators are awesome, and nintendo could be making their 3DS and their future consoles awesome instead we're left with what 1 new 3DS game a month and 4 poor showings at the estore

    Another week of 'meh'

    I would have traded it in if it wasn't for the free games we're getting, but they are too good to pass up, specially the old NES games :)

    It's stuff like this that makes me wonder why people are such devout fans of Nintendo. A touch of battered spouse syndrome mayhaps?

    I missed the SNES golden age (my family was poor, we had an Amiga 500) so maybe I'm not calculating just how much good will they earned with the early Zelda, Mario and Metroid games.

    Bottom line is, Ambassadors should have their free games already, or at least one or two of them because what do we get on price drop day? The sinking feeling of regret.

      You make a good point! I think it would be foolish to expect multiple games ready for ambassadors, but it would be nice to get 1 game this week! All I see is "3DS at Dick Smith for $199" and I wonder why the hell did I buy the damn thing day one!

    It sucks that I probably won't get a good price if I trade in my 3DS anymore /:

    It's this neglect of online which is why Nintendo is losing market share to Apple. After being burned by their lacklustre online support for the Wii, DS and DSi, I no longer have any inclination of picking up the 3DS unless something changes pretty drastically.

      I no longer has interest in Nintendo product unless region locked is removed.

    On the plus side I can confirm that Avenging Spirit is actually quite the kick ass game. You can fight Dracula as a possessed mech warrior!

    3DS is finished.

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