Aussie Nintendo Store Update

Nintendo are known for redefining what gaming means and how it plays. Today Nintendo have rewritten the dictionary by changing the word 'Classic'. Yes, this week sees the release of 3D Classics: Urban Champion and despite being a game that is essentially rubbish they've still decided to give it the 3D treatment. Good thing there's at least something for Wii and DS owners to have a bash at.

3DS eShop 3D Classics: Urban Champion (Nintendo, $7.50) - No no no, don't even think about it. It's the NES 'Classic' Urban Champion with a 3D lick of paint and a optional isometric view that adds nothing to the game. 0+0 = 0

WiiWare Flight Control (Firemint 500 Points) - The loveable folks at Firemint have finally brought their breakout hit to the Wii and it's far from a simple port. Being on a home console there's a bunch of 'party modes' thrown in for the small entry fee of 500 points.

DSiWare Moto eXtreme (Chillingo, 800 Points, $12.00 on eShop) - A bit like Trials HD, but kind of not. This one is more of a motorcycling platformer and if you went 'oh that sounds cool' then this game is for you, otherwise you might be better offer skipping this one.

So folks, something for Wii, DS and 3DS owners. Anything for you this week then?

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    Still waiting on my free games.

    Sept 1 for the free NES games. Well 5 of them at least.

      Oh good, on the day I'll be on a plane outta here...

      There had bnetter not be some crappy time-limit!


    Why did they bother launching the eShop at all...??

      So I can have free games.

    Still waiting for them to upload the Ambassador program PDF so I can get in on the action >:(

    I thought Urban Champion looked like crap when it first came out in the 80's so I never bought it, never played it. Would love to know what criteria they're using when determining these "classics".

    Ambassadors for the Wii will now be forgotten :(

    Yeah i still don't understand how Nintendo doesn't comprehend that they have a huge back catalog of stuff that people would pay Good Money For.


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