Barbarian II - Impressive Thuds

For those who guessed today's game in the Remember This post, well done. Free silk panty garments for everyone! But for those less familiar with the 1988 Amiga 500 and Commodore 64 classic, this clip will open your eyes to an amazing world of action, action, and more action. Seriously.

Also of note, Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax was praised for its audio; British gaming magazine, Computer and Video Games, was impressed by the quality of the sound of the "digital thuds and whacks produced on the Commodore 64".


    Silk panty garments! \o/

      Mine are a bit small.

      My jewels have slipped out of their coin-purse, if you know what I mean...

    lol got to love the sound effects

    oh man! i know this game. it's hilarious. i was just playing it the other day :-3

    I bought this on release for the Amstrad CPC. Good times. That spin beheading attack never got old.

    Man, imagine the uproar today if somebody released a full price AAA title that you could finish in 17 minutes :P

    chainsaw turkey @ 1.32. !!!

    Played this on the Amiga 500, and could get through to the wizard at the end, but alas he'd always defeat me (I blame the inferior joystck with "micro-switches".. you had to be there). There were rumors at the time (80s, and I was a kid) that if you defeated the wizard you'd be rewarded with a digitized pic of Maria Whittaker topless... (UK page 3 girl, think Sam Fox as a brunette, and if you're too young to know who Sam Fox is... Google) But I never quite got there. Seeing the video above, I now know it was just rumors... Boo.

      Although, as a young lad I'm sure that the promise of such a picture was more than enough incentive to play it just 'one more time'.

    Used to love playing this with mates after a few too many beers...the Amiga was such a sweet machine for gaming - Speedball2, Pinball Dreams, New Zealend Story, Bards Tale,Alien Breed etc. Never found an emulator that's reliable though...

    I like how the caveman "head clubbed" the main character as soon as he entered the screen.

    Lizard tiger? Kick it.

    Anyone remember using "The Web Of Death"?? That was my all purpose move!

    Just get in reeeaall close and WOD them!

    Ha haaa..! Sissy European lisp thingy.

    We appreciate your Birdman references <3

    Ahh one of the best action games of its era, good balance of difficulty, great fighting mechanic and a blast to play.

    I do love the title screen though, I know he's supposed to look all menacing and broody but I always thought he looked confused, "Did I remember to turn the oven off before I embarked on my epic quest?"

    I loved playing this game when I was younger. This is even better than the new Conan remake

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