Batman: Arkham City Is Using Games For Windows Live (Boo!)


    Sorry, no purchase for me. Shit refuses to work for me. Multiple updates, rebooting of systems and random shutdowns have put me off GFWL.

    Hang on, didn't they say just the other day that they were releasing under games for windows but NOT games for windows LIVE? Am I thinking of another title?

    Also am I the only one who's never had a reliability problem with GFWL?

      You're not the only one. I know it's problematic at best for a lot of people but I've always been lucky with GFWL and never once had any issues.

        Same here; only problem I've ever had with GFWL was with Halo 2, but it's universally accepted that the PC port is full of bugs and that's not entirely GFWL's fault. Haven't had any issues with Bioshock 2 (just get updates externally, through GFWL takes all year), or Section 8 Prejudice, which works perfectly, or Dawn of War 2, again, no problems at all.

      I also thought I read that they wouldn't be using GFWL...

    This is while I am mostly a console gamer - no annoying DRM at this point.

    Though, unless I am mistaken or have misheard, EA are also trying to find ways to use DRM on consoles.

      Console DRM is project ten dollar.

      But on tpoic, this is extremely old news, its was released 2 months back on the offical Arkham City forums by one of the mods after a 10 page back and forth argument pro steam users and a 5 pro GFWL/antiSteam users ( most notable idiot being AlienwareGamer) the mod/CM announced that it would indeed be using GFWL much to dismay of the pro steam crowd.

    It appears that Games for Windows live isn't necessary:!/GreenManGaming/status/107031687912886272

      Green Man was actually in the wrong, which would've been nice for Luke to have clarified. VG247 actually mention it in their article, don't know why it was mentioned in the Kotaku post. :/

    Now THAT'S unbiased reporting!

    Anyway, I don't like either of them as an alternative to the old-fashioned play on your own.

      I absolutely agree - I'm a bit worried about the number of people who go out of their way to praise Steam.

      Sure, it might be convenient, but I'd much rather have the ability to do what I want with my games than anything that Steam offers.

        Agreed. Just because a platform isn't owned by one of the big manufacturers (though anyone who thinks Valve is still a small company is naive) doesn't make it perfect.

    I like GFWL - If for nothing else it helps unify my gaming history with my gamertag...

    Got to love the yanks being late on the news. lol.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Arkham City lack a multiplayer feature anyway? In which case, why is anyone the least bit concerned about GFWL when they could *hypothetically* patch the .exe to remove GFWL, like what's been done with GTA IV? Sure you lose achievements, but if you're playing a multiplatform game on PC then chances are you don't give a rat's a*se about them anyway.

    GFWL works for me eventually. I always make sure to apply patches to the GFWL client and game outside of the game itself. The internal updater can be a bit of a nightmare.

    Once its up and running though GFWL live is painless for me and I do like its intergration with XBL for friend lists etc.

    As for GFWL vs Steam. I'll pick steam every time but GFWL works well enough for me.

    I guess as a PC gamer I've gotten used to things not working as intended either at launch for a game or not at all. It's not like there aren't examples of bugs in console games that never get fixed.

    There are sooooo many AAA games coming out this year, its becoming really easy for me to dismiss great games for really trivial annoyances. I think this might be sufficient to put me of buying Arkham city till it hits the bargain bin.

    I'll still be buying this, just on PS3 since i got the first one on PS3

    Personally, i dont really have an issue with GFWL, my 2x GTX580's chew it up. if anything Nvidia need to be shot for 280.28 drivers ...

    Imo, bugger off with steam - bring on IMPULSE. its faster, easier to use and better for management. no flashy crap in the road or DRM, it just works.

      Just a shame about the majority of it's catalogue and sales only being available in the NA region. Oh and the catalogue being crap.

    Pro Tip for Microsoft.

    We hate your GFWL service. Forcing it on us doesn't improve the situation.

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