Batman Keeps An Eye On Gamescom

The Dark Knight, he is everywhere. Watching. Waiting. Ensuring the innocent are able to go about their business free from fear, and danger. He does it in Gotham City and he does it in...Cologne, Germany.

This Batman statue stands guard at Warner Bros.' Gamescom booth. He is of course there for Batman Arkham City, which is out on PS3, PC and Xbox 360 in October.


    Wtf is up with his neck?

      Damn... Can't unsee that now :(

    Tell me you wouldnt laugh if you saw a vigilante dressed like this at night.

      yea until he uppercuts your jawbone into your hair-line.

        That would be assault. All we did was laugh at him. <_<

        Rightly so as well, he needs a less ridiculous outfit. One that doesn't snag on corners every time he gives chase.

    Batman should score an endorsement with Pro-Active...

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