Battlefield 3 And Theme Park(!) Coming To iOS

Electronic Arts has two potentially very exciting additions to its iPhone and iPad line-up in the form of DICE's Battlefield 3 and (perhaps more importantly) Bullfrog's classic sim Theme Park.

Pocket Gamer reports that the two iOS games are "likely" to make an appearance at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, next week. Kotaku will be in attendance, ready to saturate iOS devices with fingerprints that have either game playable.

The appearance of Battlefield 3 on iOS devices shouldn't come as much of a shock. EA has had a "mobile/handheld" release of the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game on the books for months and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 saw an iOS port in 2010.

Similarly, a port of Theme Park is not surprising, but certainly welcome. The 1994 PC and Amiga game was ported to everything under the sun at the time. We look forward to seeing it in action for ourselves, not just mocking up screenshots based on ye olde PC versions.

Classic Amiga/PC management sim Theme Park and Call of Duty rival Battlefield 3 heading to iOS [PocketGamer]


    <3 Bullfrog. Syndicate, Theme Park and Theme Hospital chewed up a fair quantity of my teenage years.


    Those were the days.

      Bullfrog rules.

      They need to do Theme Hospital for phones next.

        Yeah for sure.
        Syndicate Wars for Android and iOS would also be excellent. Gah, even a Syndicate Wars updated for Windows would make me happy. I always tried in DOSBox, but could never get it quite right. =(

    Themepark HD for PS360/PC please!

    why do i get the feeling it'll have a farmville'esque time period for building and collecting.

    Theme Park and Theme Hospital for Android!

    Ahh Bullfrog, maybe hope for dungeon keeper 1 or 2.

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