Battlefield 3, Meet A Supersonic Jet

Battlefield 3, Meet A Supersonic Jet

At this year’s Gamescom gaming expo in Germany, EA and DICE are bringing a Mig-21 to the Battlefield 3 booth. They used a red semi-truck!

Battlefield 3 is facing off with rival title Modern Warfare 3, and unless the Activision booth has, I dunno, more impressive military hardware, chalk up a Battlefield 3 win in the spectacle category.

Gamescom runs from August 17 to August 21 in Cologne, Germany. Check back for Kotaku‘s coverage.


  • Haha, what a way to troll Activision.

    Activision: We have innovative new multiplayer that plays and feels just like the last game in the series!

    EA: We have a supersonic jet…no no, not in game. At our booth…

    Activision: Oh…ummm, new killstreaks? (As people rush to look at the awesome jet)

  • While that is pretty cool, I hope they don’t chuck an Activision and spend ridiculous amounts of marketing. Just make a fun game, please.

  • And then, just for giggles, they shoot up the Activision booth

    “oops, didn’t realise the were WORKING guns on it”

  • So, EA can then go around saying we won at booth display while Activison can sit back and laugh and go around saying we’ll we still sold more copies of our game then yours so you’re Jet is invalid.

    Marketing can only work if especially if you’re doing it to try and bring some steam to your table if the product you are repressing is seen as the dominating product.

    • Firstly, that second paragraph made absolutely no sense.

      Secondly, the games haven’t been released yet. BF3 may well sell better than MW3. Unlikely perhaps, but it definitely has a shot. Personally I’d hate BF3 to become an exploited franchise with an annoying userbase so to be perfectly honest I hope MW3 sells more.

  • Haha lol, the Indian Airforce still have these in service, they call this The Flying Coffin, for its technical failures while in the air thereby crashing and killing the pilot. Pure POS.

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