Because Your IPhone Needs To Look More Like An Old Video Game Console

Strapya World is carrying a number of cases for iPhones that, depending on taste (or whether you subscribe to the need for a case at all), might be worth looking into.

There are seven in total: four Sega cases, two Final Fantasy cases and a retro Famicom cover. The Final Fantasy ones are made of silicon and are from Advent Children, while the Famicom one is a "hard case".

My faves are the Sega covers, though, especially the three designs for the Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast.

They vary in price between USD$16 and USD$40

iPhone / iPod / iPad [Strapya, via GameSetWatch]

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    Bring some out for something other then iPhone and then I'll care. Sorry I'm fed up with everything being on iPhone.


        Me three, I have a HTC and alot of people have the Samsung glaxies etc. I'm so bored of this let's buy the over priced inferior Mac products cause it looks cool or is in mentality.

          But Apple products are the bestest and most original. Every company just imitates them. if its not an apple product it must be of inferior quality parts.

            Lol sorry i just couldnt resist man i hate apple

      The reason everything is on an iphone is because more people own iphones than any other type of smart phone which means the market is bigger if they made them for all the other types of phones they would have to make heaps of different styles to accommodate all the other types of phones where as with the iphone they can make one type and make more money

    Hipsters just got a whole lot hipper.

    So many negative Nancys..

    HA HA! Saturn...good one.

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