Begun The Skyrim Pre-Order Wars Have...

Earlier today we reported that EB Games had kicked things off the proceedings with a rather snazzy Skyrim exclusive pre-order deal. It now appears as though GAME has their own exclusive.

The GAME deal includes the following...

- A copy of the game - The Infernal City: An Elder Scrolls Novel (217 pages) - Lord of Souls: An Elder Scrolls Novel (304 pages) - Premium physical map

As I said previously, I'm not usually interested in Special Editions or Collector's Editions of any kind of tat, but a couple of novels? I might get behind that - particularly with a game featuring a universe like The Elder Scrolls.

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    Two books I can buy elsewhere plus a map that comes with all versions of the game? this one is pretty lame.

      Unless buying this version is cheaper then buying the two books and the game.

        In Australia? No chance. The parallel importing restrictions on books guarantee it.

          There are no import restrictions on books, thats why most physical bookstores are going our of business.

            Parallel imports are when something is imported outside the 'approved' (by publisher, for example) channels for resale. Parallel importing of books is banned in Australia.

            An individual buying something from overseas is not, technically, parallel importing. Mmm, Book Depository.

      HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously?! You'd prefer EB's notebook with a picture of a dragon? Over what could very easily be 20 hours of entertainment?

      Get free stuff that no other country does, bitch about prices.

      Ok guys, get out of here you little dickins you.

    Reading??? If they were Audiobooks maybe but my eyes are now only used for gaming and occasionally comics.

      Yeah! Fuck reading! That's the right attitude to have, smart guy.

        If it dont got pictures or is written by Dr Seuss then I already know its no good.

    I just want that cursed artbook... and probably the "making of" DVD. But I don't want a 1ft statue.

      I would really like the DVD but I don't think I'll shell out for everything else just to get it.

    What's JB gonna have?????

      Piece of clothing. Only available for people who pre-order. But they're only giving them to the people who get their pre-orders first.

    Just had a quick look at JB HiFi's site. They have the collectors edition with the map and the offical strategy guide for $109. Not bad value considering they usually go for about $20-$30.

      Would be tempting if not for the fact that the Strategy Guide for Oblivion was apparently full of errors and cut content

    Yawn. I've got it pre-ordered on Steam anyway, without the Australian price tag. Besides, the last collectors edition I ordered from Bethesda has been opened a total of six times, and has sat in the place I put it down since.

    Think I might actually go for this one, i have some GAME credit up my sleeve and as it's a pre-order bonus they should pricematch the game on release, unlike EB whos offer is a different edition of the game... I think :)

    No thanks. Pre-ordered the PC version from with the cloth map for $42.99.

      I would have when that way if it wasn't for the fact that ozgameshop takes normally a month to get to my door :c

    Hated Publishers,

    Please stick your exclusive pre-order deals back into a the dark hole they came from.

    So it comes down to:
    EB: Steelbook cover, Notebook, cards, map
    GAME: 2 Novels, Map
    JB Hi-Fi: Official Strategy Guide , Map

    And the collectors edition available at Game or EB (no JB Hifi).

    Kind of hard to decide

    MEH - Just save your money & import it.

      It's people like you who will one day complain when the aussie dollar loses its strength and there is no more competion left at retail.

      Get it from overseas, support some foreign country and maybe they will have you.

        And it's people like you that actually pay the ridiculous Aus retail that gives the distributors/publishers no incentive to reduce the price.

        I'm with Shaun - import! Money saved that's better off in MY pocket.


      Also... 360 owners can read? Seems a bit of a redundant bonus to me.

    $88 for the PC version with a pair of novels? Suddenly I'm a lot more interested. More companies should consider this for preorder bonuses. I remember years ago getting a Forgotten Realms hardcover novel as a bonus for picking up Neverwinter Nights at EB, still consider it to be one of the better extras I've gotten.

    Why does the GAME talk about the statue and art book at the bottom then?



    Alduin Statue - Created in conjunction with the IP Factory, this collector’s only statue stands 30.5cm tall and is made of high quality PVC. Modelled from actual in-game 3D digital files, it showcases Alduin, the World Eater. He stands perched atop one the game’s many dragon walls that teach the player the lethal language of dragons.
    ‘The Art of Skyrim’ Official Art Book - Featuring over 200 pages of striking, full-colour illustrations, sketches and models, this stunning 23.8cm x 30.8cm coffee table book showcases the characters, creatures, environments and weaponry of Skyrim. With a foreword by game director Todd Howard and commentary from Bethesda Game Studios artists, readers will be guided through the game’s iconic visual style.
    ‘The Making of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ DVD - This documentary DVD contains exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage, including interviews with the Bethesda Game Studios team as they take you from concept to creation and provide insights into the story, gameplay, setting, legacy of the Elder Scrolls franchise, and much more.


    Bethesda said it was releasing this stuff, now where the heck can I get it from?

    +10 points for article title

    RPG GAMERS WANT CLOTH MAPS!! (looks over at Baldur's Gate 2)

    Seriously... some people shit me to tears.

    DLC pre-order bonuses and people (rightfully) bitch their hearts out. But now there are several pre-order specials on Skyrim for aussie bricks and mortar stores and it still isn't bloody good enough?

    Does everything have to come with a shoddily painted statue of whatever? Or pehaps most gamers would prefer the pre-order bonus to be a gold statue, in place of the opera house, in their image??

    Seriously guys - not only is the price fairly decent for Australian retail standards, especially for a pre order, but this pre-order especially comes with some fantastic stuff for your money!

    Considering the lore that surrounds the eldar scrolls, anyone who enjoys the games should feel elated that they are being supplied with not one but TWO decently sized novels that will give hours of entertainment compared to a stick of chewing gum or a new skin for your boom-stick-3000.

    I understand that for some people the price is too high, which is more than fair enough, in my eyes. I for one only buy from retail on very rare occasions. But when stores are hearing your cries for substance over DLC and fairer prices (ie. not $139-189), you still have the gall to bitch your hearts out.

    Soon the old adage of "whinging poms" will be changed to "whinging gamers".

    Seriously, seeing how some people react to certain things embarrasses me to no end, as in the end we are all under the same umbrella.

    I just don't get why gamers are becoming such entitled little brats.

    IF it's not your thing, ok, i've got no problem with that - but to go off the wheel saying "this is shit, that is shit, it's all shit" - seriously, grow the hell up...

    while i won't be buying this myself (for reasons stated in the last skyrim post), i still can see it's a damned good attempt to get pre-sales with something that shouldn't just gather dust in a closet or on a mantle somewhere...


      I completely agree with you, but I am one person who is is content with the price of games within Australia, I think they are fair.

      The issue that I have is the retail sector trying to outdo each with "exclusive" Collector's Edition. Basically what it comes down to is that EB and GAME have their own CE, a version of the game that can't be price matched anywhere because no one else stocks it, but as someone that maybe a fan of a franchise this shits me no end, because as a fan I would like to collect as many bits and pieces of "crap" (as some would say).

      Now, what we have going at the moment is 4 different SKUs that have something different.

      EB - Steelbook + Notebook
      GAME - Novels
      JB - Game Guide
      EB + GAME - Dragon Statue + Artbook

      Not so much the Game Guide (as I don't believe you should have a 'cheat sheet' on hand from the start of a game), but I would like to get them all in a single package, otherwise I'm paying upto $500 for 4 games and the stuff.

      Whilist sometimes they are pre-order bonuses, you can get away with a dodgy and return the game after getting the goodies, it's sad that publishers are splitting up all this content for the retailers, which unfortunately just fucks over the actual people that buy their games, their fans, who given the chance might fork out that little bit more if everything was bundled together in a single package.

      tl;dr - I should have to choose the best CE for me, there should be one ultimate version that contains everything.

        The novels are available to buy separately.

        Ima get the CE and the novels personally :D

          That's not the point, I'm sure I could buy some of the other stuff on eBay just after release also.

          At some point the publishers organised a deal with the retailer, for the retailers benefit, to have something to entice customers to their store.

          I know the company is there to make money but none of these deals are a benefit to the people that are ultimately buy the game, if we dont buy it they will be feeling it soon enough, they have no obligation to do any of these special editions, but I still feel they could be done a whole lot better.

      I salute you Chuloopa!

      One of the best arguments i have seen! If only more people could understand....

      Working in one of the brick and mortar stores its hard to read this site sometimes....

      I'm with you Chuloopa (and you always make intelligent comments by the way).

      If you don't like the pre-order bonus (which is something for free) don't get it. You don't have to behave elitist because you believe that you are better at finding value for money.

      I personally think 2 bonus novels and a cloth map for something I was going to buy anyway is a pretty great deal. Books are fun too.

    Premium physical map is a cloth one?

    I would never read those books, I work all day and play games, watch TV series etc as my form of entertainment. No time for reading these days (by choice)

    Maps are awesome but it's not that hard to check the in game map if you think about it.

    Sure, yeah, $200 thats a good deal.

    No info on PC however.

      He was talking about the regular edition.. not the premium statue edition - try not to be such a sensationalist in future

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    Yeah I can't see any info stating that is $88 from GAME anywhere, not sure why people are assuming that

      Not looking hard enough, mate :)

      and $98 on 360 and PS3

    Are they just trying to justify the rip off price or something? At this rate I'll either be getting it from ozgameshop or buying it on steam when the GOTY edition comes out.

      Once again, considering it's Australia, it's pretty decent pricing if you consider the extras as part of the package rather than a "pre-order bonus"

      Remember, it's not uncommon for games to be $119.95 at release on their own.

      But yes, Importing will ALWAYS be a cheaper option.

        PC games are normally $90 in Aus anyway. All they're doing is throwing in a few extra bits of crap to make it seem like "value". Doesn't change the fact the actual cost of the physical goods would be less than $5.

    Ah, gotcha.

    I retract my sensationalism.

    I'm actually going to get the one with the two novels from GAME, they will be a good read for the occasional bus ride to/from TAFE.

    I may get the GAME edition and neglect my $95 EB games voucher, because I am one of the few high-school kids who would prefer to read a book than play sport or watch TV.

    There should be an edition where you get given a real life compass, map and calipers and have to navigate in-game, with a real world map XD

      By real world I mean Tamriel, close enough

    Hey guys, Skyrim is also available for preorder at: (although they only come with the burlap map)
    Harvery Norman - $77
    Dick Smith - $69.94

    However personally, Im gna get the GAME one with the 2 novels. If only we can receive the novels first to read as a distraction til 11/11/11.

      For PC version.

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