Believe It Or Not, Bodycount Is All About Guns

Believe It Or Not, Bodycount Is All About Guns

Since it’s a first-person shooter, and guns are pretty much your only means of communication in such a game, it’s not surprising that Bodycount is all about guns — but it seems as though Codemasters’ Guildford Studio has taken gun worship to the next level.

I really like the look of this. I often feel like some shooters focus more on the gimmicks around the core gunplay, instead of crafting their own unique identity through the mechanics themselves. It’s good to see a shooter taking guns seriously, and really attempting to create a point of difference.


  • At the point where they say “We have taken a smaller list of weapons…” they honestly lost me, the thing that I look for in an fps is playing with all the little toys and especially in multi player I hate it when you are forced into a couple of kinds of each weapon group (light assault rifle, balanced rifle and heavy assault rifle), variety is the spice of life guys.

  • Meh, the gun play really doesn’t look any different to any other shooter out there. For some reason I’m getting a Bulletstorm/Brink vibe from it — games that tried to make themselves out to be unique leading up to launch, but were then quickly forgotten.

      • Brink? really?
        Brinks’ focus was almost completely on the freerunning (in terms of how the game plays, not via mechanics) Shooting any gun felt to me like it was all an smg or something similar.
        Bulletstorm focused on the guns over anything, so in that regard i agree with you

        • Nah, I just meant I’m getting the same vibe from their marketing. Although there is something about the style that seems Brink-ish to me.

          • If you mean plastic-like and artificial then that was the same vibe I was getting, it just seems very tacky in gun play, which is kind of sad for a game that will only really have that aspect.

  • This is literally the first I’ve heard of this game. From that video, there doesn’t seem to be anything special.

    Also, they mention multiple times about how shooting people will throw them through walls (one of which looks concrete in the video). With that amount of force, shouldn’t the enemies be blown to pieces before they even reach a wall?

    I realise it’s a design choice to not have ultra-violent wounds, but having an environment that can be dismantled piece by piece with firearms while much squishier people remain intact is a jarring contrast – at least for me!

    • Lets not argue about how ‘realistic’ the game is, or all the fps games we play would involve staring out into empty space on patrol for hours on end, or getting shot once before you die.

      • I’m not arguing for realism necessarily – I’m the first to agree that highly-realistic games aren’t fun for lots of people.

        My point is that I don’t think the design decisions gel together very well, at least from the few snippets of gameplay shown here.

    • Yes! I was thinking the whole time that this reminded me of some old shooter, and Black I quite enjoyed. I see the resemblance, to which I think it hasn’t aged well…

      Bulletstorm had a “hook”, which was the leash (and the humorous banter…) but as for this I can’t really see what would keep me interested.

  • I’ve only vaguely heard of this game, but to be honest it looks fairly decent. I wouldn’t buy it due to my new-found dislike of the fps genre, but tbh this doesn’t look as bad as a bunch of you say it does.

    Not every game will be spectacular, but isn’t there a category for ‘decent’ games anymore? It seems to be there’s crap and awesome, and no scale in between

  • I was unaware that a corpse was able to break down a wall. But hey what do I know, Ive never shot anyone into one before.

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