Big W Selling The PS3 For $298

Big W Selling The PS3 For $298

Big W Selling The PS3 For $298Last week at Gamescom, Sony announced it would be reducing the 160GB PS3 model to $349.95 Australian dollars starting from today, August 22. Now, Big W has decided to discount this even further, selling the same model for $298.

Interestingly enough, Big W has actually put this in their official catalogue, which means that Sony has most likely been in discussion with retailers, regarding the official price drop, for a fairly decent amount of time.

We’ve had a quick look to see if any other top PS3 deals exist, but this is as good as it gets so far. Anyone else spotted any deals for the PS3?


  • Harvey Norman’s got ’em for $299.

    Also for Big W buyers, maybe get a friend who works for Big W/Woolies/Dick Smith. They get a 5% staff discount.

  • JB emailed past online shoppers over the weekend and one of the deals is…

    ps3 console, hdmi cable, your choice of two games out of: mx? atv reflex, mkombat dc, and i think it was assasins 2, all for $349.

  • Wow… that’s a good price, pity i dont get paid until Saturday, if they still have some on Saturday i’ll put one on layby.

    I need new one my 80gb phat isnt going to last much longer.

  • Just for those in the Woolies industry, BigW will also be having a 10% staff weekend 27-28.

    Seeing as this sale ends on the 30th, you could get the PS3 for $269.20

  • Wow. $300 for hardware that was originally released in 2006. If only we could sell old laptops that old for that money.

    Sony and Microsoft are set to flog their dead horses long after they should have, and anyone on this site that encourages them should get a reality check.

    • We should totally all be queuing up to pay $300 for graphics cards released yesterday instead!! That way we can have cutting edge graphics until next Sunday when the next one is released, and then we can throw this one on the pile in our closet and shell out another $300 for a new one.

      The only reality check needed is for the PC-elitists to realise they are not actually a genetically superiour form of life.

          • Yeah, but if you want to run a game with console graphics (i.e. multiplatform games like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, anything else etc) then your graphics card from 6 years ago won’t cut it, you’ll need one from the past 2 years or so in order to get it on-par with the consoles.

            I’m PC and Console (as well as handheld), and although I use PC more for other functions aside from gaming, consoles ARE the cheapest way to play games. My computer from 4 years ago couldn’t run Crysis 2. My PS3 from 6 years ago can. In HD.

      • Wow! Where can you get a graphics card released yesterday for $300? Last I checked the newest card was still about $800 or so, which is nothing compared to tomorrow’s dual core GPU which start at $1200!

        (only half joking of course – everyone knows this tech is at least 3 months old when it hits the domestic market in the first place, and $2k+ multicore GPUs have been around for a little while now)

        (also $300 isn’t too bad considering… it’s about what I paid for my 8800GT some years back, which is still giving me fantastic results in most modern games! …then again coupling that with a Q6600 CPU seems to have been the optimal setup for all UE3 games to date, which means I have the perfect setup for probably 40% of the current gaming market :p)

      • You can tell you’re not a PC gamer with logic like that. I built mine over a year ago for less than a grand and it’s running strong running Witcher 2 on full setting @ 1080p smoothly. I’ve spent over a grand on 2 PS3s which have lasted me 4 years total.

        BUT, I own roughly 240 PC games on Steam. I’m 100% sure I spent more on the ~40 PS3 games I own thanks to retail.

        • Considering sometimes you can buy something like 50+ titles in one pack for like $60 bucks, that’s not at all surprising. (damn you Steam Summer Sale)

    • Successful troll is successful.
      C’mon guys, he’s either trolling or just a little daft. Either scenario doesn’t really warrant a response.

  • Surely anyone who wanted a PS3 has one by now?

    Besides, games are still $110. If you needed to wait for the price drop to buy the console it’ll be collecting dust by the time you can afford a decent collection of games.

    • Not true at all, online shopping can get you some great bargains, and if you really can’t wait for them to be delivered from overseas jb has at least half a dozen top quality games on platinum for 29 bucks.

      • Even if you don’t shop online, you can find nearly all new release games brand new for around 74 – 79 dollars at either JB or GAME upon release anyhow.

    • $110 for games! where are you shopping?! RRP Warehouse? should be able to pick up any new release game for $80 max in aus and 50-60 max from the UK

    • I am getting one today after waiting 5 years, wanna fight about it.

      In preparation, went to JB on the weekend and got Uncharted 1&2, Res 5 and Heavy Rain move editions for the very reasonable price of $100. And from ‘game’, managed to haggle them on a move dildo and other smaller dildo for $120.

      So with the PS3 at $300. All up i think its a pretty good deal with some great games to get started with.

        • Unless Dark Souls is as good as it looks, in which case Demon’s/Dark Souls is (even though they’re two seperate IPs, let’s face it, it’s a sequel).

          • Actually, speaking of Demon’s Souls, pick that up if you like a challenge! Best game of the generation.

          • Yeah i want to get it for sure. Was chatting on this site last week about that game and my initial purchases for the new console.

            I love buying new consoles that have been out awhile as there are a great range of games, physical and download, and also just finding out what the new machine can do.

            I’m so excited i’m off to eat a few planets to pass the time ’till 5.

          • Likewise, I bought my 360 4 years or so after launch and loved it, playing through Gears of War 1-2, Mass Effect 1, a few XBLA games, ’twas awesome. Looking back now, I wouldn’t buy it though since I never play the damn thing since it has no exclusives anymore.

            Buying a PS3 now though.. a ridiculous amount of exclusive games you could buy, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

            Definitely get your hands on a copy of Demon’s Souls though. You already have Uncharted.. inFamous is good fun, terrible characters/cutscenes but fun gameplay. And if you’re interested in Killzone, I’d recommend 2 over 3 any day of the week, especially for single player; unless you want to give your Move a workout, literally the only good thing Killzone 3 does is the Move controls. Everything else is utter trash.

          • They keep getting reprieves, last one was March 2011, now they say October 2011, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep going for abit longer after Dark Souls ships.

          • The Demon Souls servers are definitely still running as I’m playing the game online right now.

          • Also Demon’s Souls is still one of the best games I’ve played in the past five years without any of the online content.

  • A little off topic but….

    My Big W is still selling copies of Tabula Rasa even though I have told the guys behind the counter that the online title has been offline since 2009 (twice) and emailed customer service but nothings been done! its been on the shelves at my local BIG W for at least two years! LIVE BIG FOR LESS.

    • My Big W is also selling Tabula Rasa, however when i scanned it on the price check machine it did come up with an error, so im guessing they will not actually sell it, but have just left copies on the shelf

  • So for $298 for the PS3 and another $89 (Jb-Hi Fi) for the PlayTV module, you get a HD Digital Tuner/DVR/Blu-Ray Player… almost worth it for a TV in the other room…

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