BioWare Will Not ‘Region Block’ Or ‘IP Block’ Australian Players Who Import The Old Republic

BioWare Will Not ‘Region Block’ Or ‘IP Block’ Australian Players Who Import The Old Republic

As we reported three weeks ago, Australians will not be able to purchase The Old Republic at launch, but now BioWare has stated that they will not punish Australian players who import the game through other means — there will be no IP or region block on the game.

What this means, essentially, is that players who have imported a box copy of the game via any overseas online store will be able to play the game without incident.

In a post on The Old Republic community forums, Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid stated the following:

– There are no plans to ‘region lock’ or ‘IP block’ players from the game. You may experience some latency issues if you’re not playing in a launch territory. – Anyone who pre-orders The Old Republic and redeems their pre-order code will be eligible for Early Game Access. – Those eligible for Early Game Access will be able to download the game client before it starts. – There will be a period after launch day in which those who have pre-ordered will be able to continue playing before entering their Game Code. More information on this will be made available closer to launch. – We will accept credit card payments for subscriptions.

Reading between the lines, it looks as though BioWare will be planning local servers in the Oceanic region. If BioWare is specifically warning against “latency” issues before the official launch in other territories, could they be preparing local servers for that official launch?

We will be contacting EA for more information. Stay tuned.


  • It’s important to note that in all correspondence, Bioware staff have used language that provides them an escape – they have no ‘current plans’ to block IPs etc. Just because they are saying this now doesn’t mean it is guaranteed.
    While I’d like to believe that they’ll hold to this info, the way they handled the preorder release and the utter lack of communication with the fans afterward has left lingering doubts.

    • Plus, they love talking up the “you are in the ‘Red Zone’ love you some latency if you play”

      It’s like their security blanket, latency this not at this time that 😛

  • If there are definite plans for Oceanic servers then I will wait for the local release. If not, then I will import. But, you would have to think there will be local servers, otherwise they would just release the game over here at the same time as the US.

    • I think the general logic most people have is that generally speaking

      An MMO Booms for the launch then after about 3 months. it reaches a steady state of affairs. which is generally when all the servers start getting shut down that were bought in to accomodate the launch numbers and queues.

      So by being D$%$ with the launch if they get 4million in at launch. then 3 months later they loose a million they open up the rest of the regions like australia/and the half of europe that is missing launch and then those people take the place of the missing people.

      Which means that on day 1 EA only need accomodation for 4million people instead of 6million and then end up only needing 4million once it reaches a steady state again.

      I think most of this is that EA got burned by WAR and now they are trying to assure that they don’t spend a bunch of dough on equipment they wont need 3 months down the track

  • frankly I wish they would block it to screw over the dumbasses who decided to support the game by buying it

    • Yes, how dare they purchase a game they happen to be interested in. They should absolutely be ashamed of themselves.

      • I’m all for people importing the game. I personally won’t, though. We really shouldn’t have to. That, and I don’t have enough confidence in Bioware that I’ll be problem free. And there’s the question over whether we would be covered by support staff, seeing as there would have been no official launch in Australia.

      • @Neil

        Obviously you missed the point of them not releasing the game here…. Why support someone that does that. It just says to them its ok to do it, aka dlc…. sigh

        • I’m sure you’re aware of what assuming does, good friend.

          You make the argument that Bioware are personally screwing over Australian customers by not releasing here at the same time as other regions, and then claim that you wish Australian players would be blocked from playing altogether. And by your same argument, let’s not support console developers, as it’s rare that we receive their consoles at the same time as Japan (again, because a concurrent worldwide release is a logistical nightmare).

          The way you’re acting about this is quite childish. If a publisher (EA in this case) doesn’t have the facilities to launch a MMO that is likely to be quite popular around the entire world concurrently, choosing to still go ahead with a worldwide launch which is destined to fail, just to appease minuscule markets such as Australia, is just bad business sense. If you wish to take that as some imaginary slight from Bioware/EA then you’re more than welcome to. However, the people who are a bit more realistic about the situation and wish to purchase the game will either import a copy or wait until the game gets launched in Australia and has the proper support behind it.

          • Whereas you’re assuming there’ll be any support for us at all. Given that they’re too busy bragging about their sales to give us any timeline or answers, why should we give them any money for said expectation?

    • I’ve been a member of TOR site since just after the game was announced, there is no way in hell I’m missing the release, no matter how screwed we’re getting. I’ve been following the game closely for years now, no way i’m going to boycott it, when we all know that will get us absolutely no where

      • But it does kinda look like WoW with a star wars skin though, hey? I mean, even the gameplay trailers are boring and that’s them trying to show the best bits. So…

    • so i should be punished because i was going to import anyways.

      Since origin was going to be an 80-90 dollar release regardless.

      It’s a douche move but theres way around it no matter what they do. But making me go via a VPN just means it’s more of a hassle

    • Given how much Aussies get ripped off on the price of videogames, I’d probably have imported it anyway.

  • As much as I would love to have a Oceanic server physically located in the Oceanic region. I really doubt that will happen.

  • I really hope this game does get a release here sooner rather then later. It looks like an amazing and addictive game. If I’m a one of the “dumbasses” for supporting it, than so be it.

  • Seriously if they’re going to admit they won’t stop people importing it why not release limited copies locally and enjoy the benefits of applying the Australian tax?

    At the moment the big winners are the USPS charging $30 for freight.

  • Seems like the game might have servers in Australia or Singapore? Isn’t part of the NBN new wires between us and Asia?

    I was never interested in this game so I really have no clue….

    Guild Wars 2 though…. =p

      • If GW2 gets australian servers that would be awesome.

        However i wouldn’t be using them purely because im not part of an australian guild and would prefer to play with the people i play with now

  • I better not have to wait like a year of this game after its Us release that would piss me off badly.

  • Looking forward to next month, hopefully performance isn’t too bad. At least those playing at launch from Aus will be keen on the game and no too stubborn/proud to import something they want.

  • Very good to hear, but still leave a couple of gaps that they can escape through. Still, glad I kept my preorder at Amazon 🙂

    Seems pretty stupid to let us import, why not just give us the game? Not that I’m complaining, I’m just happy to get my collectors edition

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