Black Ops' Rezurrection DLC Is One Small Step For Zombie-Kind

Nacht der Untoten. Verruckt. Shi No Numa. Der Riese. These names strike terror in the hearts of anyone that dared venture into the undead playgrounds of Call of Duty: World at War. The zombie story started there. It ends on the Moon.

Due out on August 23 for the Xbox 360, the Rezurrection donwloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops combines remastered versions of those four classic zombie packs with a new one called Moon, for obvious reasons. Forget about heading to a remote island to escape the undead hordes; they're spaceborn now, and there's no escape. Expect high-tech weapons, bizarre new weapons, and one hell of a challenge.

The five maps are packaged with an enhanced Zombies Soundtrack featuring three never-before-purchasable tracks and a special Xbox 360 Moon theme, all for the low, low price of 1200 Microsoft points.

What's that you say? You've already gotten those four maps with the Hardened or Prestige editions of Black Ops? Well fine then, you get Rezurrection for free.

I'm sure the PC and PlayStation 3 players will get a similar deal whenever the content comes their way.


    Why the hell would you bother when Modern Warfare 3 is coming out soon?

    DLC is a waste of money in these yearly released games. You'd have to be a fool to buy them.

      Because people tend to still play these games. Look at MW2, you can still easily get a game.

    Moon Zombies...

    I think I have a song to write when I get home.

    Activision offering free DLC? BLASPHEMY! On a more serious note, its good to see they are finally treating their hardcore players who brought the hardened/prestige editions despite the hardened edition costing as much as the normal edition :P

      same price? Where do you shop? I bought the standard for $79 (at launch) from jb, whilst the hardened was $99-$108 depending where you go. So will work out the same price if not a bit cheaper for most people i think.

        You sound like the biggest nub and you probably don't even know what jesting means!

          it's a shame we have such low life degenerates that troll kotaku. For the record i know what jesting means, perhaps you should focus on the topic rather than insinuate you know everything.

    Honestly, Nazi Zombies should be its own game.

    I like Black Ops, but I seriously can't keep up with all these DLC. How many map packs is this??

      thats 4 now

    This should've came out when PEOPLE CARED!!!

    FFS all I wanted was a ZOMBIE MAP PACK DLC 6-8 months ago.

    Hate. Activision.

    Seriousssly stop milking, 4 DLC packs.. really!? paying like over half the game for this stuff

    Good as it stops this whinny 13 year old begging me for the map pack, but im peeved its out, was quite enjoying having somethign special from the hprestige edition but oh well

    bout time only took em 9 months

    I bought 2 Blops DLC and have regreted it. The maps are not all that great and the price is too much. $7 per map pack and I would be happy.

    I'll be map sharing this like every other map pack. Seriously not worth the $20 but they are fun to play with friends.

    Akra + 1

    ... and what would you do with the $$$ you saved on the DLC Warlok.... New diamond earings for your supermodel girlfriend? Upgrade the Ferrari? An extra storey on your waterfront mansion?
    The last DLC was $13 on steam, slightly less than my 10 year old niece gets in pocket money every 5 days. It's allot of money when you're five years old but for the rest of us it's SFA.

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