Bodycount Dev Diary Shows Off Explosive Multiplayer

Bodycount Dev Diary Shows Off Explosive Multiplayer

Bodycount is a game that celebrates the trigger squeezing, headshot taking, destroy everything sensation of first-person shooters. After all, the spiritual successor to Black better have some serious environmental destruction.

The newest Bodycount developer diary takes a look at multiplayer. Co-op, deathmatch and team deathmatch are all featured in the video. The game’s pallet is brighter than most FPS today, taking more cues from Bullentstorm than Call of Duty. Exploding environments, enemies flying through walls, and a world where physics feel like a suggestion? Yes please.


  • played the demo last night, thought it was shocking. only good thing was lean aiming system, so you could “dance” MGS style while shooting. i hated black, but black is 50 times better than this.

  • I also found the demo to be pretty much rubbish. Disappointing, I was kinda looking forward to this but with so many quality games coming out in the next few months (Deus Ex, Resistance 3, Rage, Space Marine – which has an AWESOME demo btw – uncharted 3, Rage, Skyrim to name a few) I’ll be giving this one a miss

  • Played the demo last night. 10 minutes later I realized I could be playing anything else and then proceeded to delete it from my console.

  • This games looks terrible I don’t know why anybody would bother with this game when we already have a heap of killer FPS titles on the way.

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