Brace Yourself For So Many More Call Of Duty (Websites)

Hope you like Call of Duty! Because Activision, the game's publisher, is apparently going on a domain registering spree.

According to website Fusible, Activision registered the following websites:,,,,,,,,,,,, and

As Fusible pointed out, the domains were registered by DNS tination Inc, a Whois privacy service offered by MarkMonitor. According to Fusible, this is a brand protection agency used by Apple, so it's highly likely that these are being registered by Activision.

At the very least, this is domain protecting, and necessary domain protecting especially after that whole brouhaha.

But even if this is just domain protecting, can you imagine Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 6 or Black Ops 6? And people complain about Final Fantasy games...

Kotaku is following up with Activision and will update should the company comment.

Activision may go up to Modern Warfare 6, Black Ops 6 with its newest domains [Fusible]


    "can you imagine Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 6 or Black Ops 6?"

    It's not hard, just look at MW3 and change the number (people are still paying for the same shit so I don't expect Activision to bother changing anytime soon).

    I'm pretty sure this should come as no surprise to anyone but the most dense COD enthusiast.

    Why imagine modern warfare 6 when we could just wait a few months and see it for real?

      We have seen it, MW2 MW3 MW6 same game aren't they?

    So the next treyarch title going to be blackops 2. Still think its a mis leading title because the game has zero to do with black ops then the black shell casings.

      Despite that whole SP campaign revolving around CIA backed black ops...

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