Building Need For Speed Mega Blok By Mega Blok

Who would want to buy Need for Speed-branded Mega Bloks construction sets? That's the question I asked myself when I first heard the LEGO competitor had taken on EA's racing game licence earlier this year. Now that the sets are hitting store shelves, I have an answer: me.

The Need for Speed Mega Bloks are hitting stores now, and if I can get away with it, they'll be hitting my wallet as well. The line is split into several categories: There's the Build & Race line, a series of smaller vehicles that can be launched via special keys; the Build & customise line, mid-sized vehicles like the one you see in the video here; and then there's the set I'll get killed for buying.

That's the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, a massive 630-piece monster that'll set collector's back $US50 or so. It doesn't sound like much, but $US50 will buy a lot of diapers.

So I'll bide my time, picking up the odd $US12 set here and there until Christmas comes. Then she shall be mine. Oh yes.

In summation, Need for Speed Mega Bloks; I want them inside my apartment.


    I didn't know these were coming out until I saw it as a pre-order bonus at GAME.

    Why even bother making this Mega Bloks or any 'brick' toy when it's just a chunk in the centre with car parts tacked on?

    Buy yourself an Airfix kit and do yourself a favour.

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