Call Of Duty: Black Ops Getting A Resurrection

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Getting A Resurrection

Activision will release the fourth Call of Duty: Black Ops “content pack”, named Resurrection, by end of September on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the company says. Resurrection will follow First Strike, Escalation and Annihilation. Details still to come…


    • hmm. that is interesting. nice pickup Vinny.
      would really like to see treyarch release a zombies game independent of cod. cause honestly, thats all i buy the dlc for. have discussed this with mates and they fully agree. cant stand the new mp maps. actually, i dont really play mp at all any more

      • I totally agree, if they release Nazi zombies as a standalone title with all the maps and maybe a map with some linear progression for single player i would buy their game

  • Now, I don’t play CoD so I don’t know about Australian prices, but for the Yanks – 4 x $15 means if they bought all the DLC, they’ve paid for the game twice?
    Oh Bobby, you crack me up 😛

  • I absolutely agree. If treyarch would be willing my bros and I have come up with the sickest zombie game story idea thingy but yer they should totally release a seperate zombie game it would be awesome

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