"Came Home To My Mom Playing Zelda Drunk At 2am"

Submitted by [deleted]on Reddit. No need to be embarrassed! Parents play video games, too! Just ask my kids. And this is way better than coming home to your mum playing Zelda drunk at 2pm.

Came home... [Reddit]


    Looks like the Swamp Palace! Go Mum Go.. get that Hook Shot!

    Slightly weird, but then again I've seen people do crazy things when their drunk. Seems to be having fun.

    My mother is quite inept at video games... but her highscore in bejewled 2 would say otherwise.

    She's cute... And is that a dildo to her right?

    Moms playing video games are the beeeeest.

      Unless they're hogging your PC to play Bejeweled :/

    my mum reckons cod, bfbc2, cs, RDR, GTA are all inappropriate for me and tries to stop me playing them ='( im 22 and have moved out lol.

    how old is the child who is coming home at 2am who's mother is that young-looking? :-P.....



    I play Zelda drunk at 2pm. Whats wrong with that?

    2am or 2pm Arsecraft? Get it right.

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