Can You Bear More Street Fighter X Tekken Screens?

I can! Complementing the Gamescom Street Fighter x Tekken trailer is this batch of new Street Fighter x Tekken. I love complements. I hope you do, too. (Did I tell you what a nice reader you are?)

Street Fighter x Tekken is slated for a 2012 release on the PS3, the Xbox 360, and the PS Vita. It brings the Tekken world into Street Fighter land.


    poisons man-boobs are inviting!

    Knowing capcom they might cancel it or release another one then add the word super on the it.

      Ergo, Tekken X SF is the one to get.

      This is a must-buy for me, as a fan of both franchises. But will wait for the "Super" version, then immediately trade in for the "Arcade Edition" when that comes out too.

      Also: Ibuki!! Woo!!

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