Can You Spot The Error In The Absurd Controller?

Let's say, you ordered a large 0.7m by 0.4m controller that costs $US360. The controller's production is contingent on people like you pre-ordering it.

Then, you get the controller. And you noticed that something was wrong — off — and made even more noticeable by the controller being so damn big.

Can you spot it?

Created by famed Japanese peripheral maker, the controller is for the PS3 version of a Miku Hatsune arcade game. And only that. While the controller's mistake does not impede play, it sure does look odd, especially to those familiar with the arcade original.

Not all the controllers have this error, as evident by this pic of another person's production model. But all controllers are freaking huge.

Don't fret! The story has a happy ending, because Hori is sending this gamer a new button.

【間違い探し】初音ミク ドリーミーシアター2nd専用コントローラーが何かおかしい [オレ的ゲーム速報]


    That would bug me. I'd have to pull it out...

    I don't get it, what's missing?

      The right one has an arrow in place of the triangle.

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