Capcom Is Charging For A 3DS Demo

Capcom Is Charging For A 3DS Demo
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A demo is like a sample sachet of shampoo. A piece of sausage a lady at a supermarket offers you. It’s a small, free thing, designed to lure you into buying a product. It is not, and never should be, a product itself.

Yet Capcom is testing the waters in Japan with a paid demo of Nazo Waku Yakata. The innovative title, which uses none of the 3DS’ buttons (instead relying mostly on sound and the mic), has its first chapter up for sale on Nintendo’s eShop for ¥200.

Now, granted, that only equates to around $2.50. It’s not busting anyone’s balls. But it’s the principle of the thing. Capcom isn’t calling it a demo, but as a small offering of a full, standalone retail product that went on sale this week, that’s exactly what it is.

ニンテンドー3DSダウンロードソフト [Nintendo]


    • That was the Shareware model of the early 90s, and I think it worked quite well. If it hadn’t, then we wouldn’t have Id Software around these days.

      • Fun trivia fact… It was Apogee Software that invented the term “Shareware”

        Apogee were publishers for id software games right up until the release of Doom which Apogee were actually going to publish but id decided to publish it themselves.

        If, like me you grew up in the 90’s then most probably your first game was an Apogee shareware title, i think mine is either (looks nervously) Word Rescue or Rise of the Triad.

        Yes peoples… one the first games i played as a little tacker was Rise of the Triad which was just as violent as Doom.

        • I remember that one, though wasn’t my first. The Apogee games I playde back in the day was Good Ol’ Commander Keen, Secret Agent and Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure.

          • Yep… i remember them all, when i was little my mum bought as a 2 CD pack of 1001 shareware games and every Apogee shareware game was on it, plus Doom, Heretic but most were just small games (probably what would be considered now, indie games)

            What makes me sad is that they dont make games like they used to, sure game technology has advanced greatly but games today dont have that… i dont really know how to describe it, they dont have soul, it could be the old school gamer in me talking but in my very honest opinion games these days are about making as much money as they can, we dont need a Call of Duty game coming out every year…

            Sorry i am going off track here but does anyone else here have the same feeling that games these days dont have the same feeling as games made back in the early 90’s

          • mmmm cosmo (nostalgia trip). Doesn’t EB still charge $49.95 for GT5 Prologue? Basically a Demo.

        • Having been gaming in the mid-80s, and not remembering Apogee from that period, I went to Wikipedia to check (not the perfect source, but good enough for this purpose).

          Wikipedia states that Apogee was founded in 1987. This is certainly later than the shareware distribution model, as in 1982 you could get floppy discs with the start of a game, and then pay more for the full game.

          Further detailed research (looking up “shareware” on Wikipedia) indicates that the term was first used around 1983, before Apogee got started.

          Sorry Apogee, you don’t get the credit:(

  • I love Capcom’s games, but they are the mosy greedy, money-grubbing leech bastards in the industry. No repsect for their fans. In every game they find a way to squeeze every cent out of you.

    • Hm, I don’t know about that, what about Square Enix? They’ve re-released FF7 about 4 times. Not to mention all the spin off games etc. Mind you, Arc Studio could also take that, I mean,you have to BUY a different announcer if you don’t like the default one.

      If it’s episodic, it’s fine. But if the game comes out as a full game then it’s a demo. if it’s a demo, it should be free, as it will ruin your credibility.

      • In defense of Square (Can’t believe I said that) poeople had been crying out for FF7, so it’s not too surprising that they decided to cash in on it.

      • Re-released 4 times?

        The only release I ever counted was the rerelease on PSN. That I consider reasonable seeing as it’s been 2 generations ago since the original came out. The only other re-release I remember was the Platinum Versions which were nice and cheaper way to get.

        Unless your talking about the very many spin-off titles that came from FF7 XD

      • FF7 has been released twice, once on the PSX, and once on the PSN. Platinum versions aren’t re-releases, as they’re exactly the same product, usualy just cheaper.

        If your refering to the spinoffs, they took the effort to make a new game, with different mechanics, using a different engine. While they do save some time on character development and audio, it’s not like they’re releasing final fantasy 7 with two new party members and an optional dungeon and charging 40 bucks for it.

        I mean square-enix in my opinon is one of the more tasteful companies as far as remakes of their franchises go, I mean just look at the total overhaul they did on the DS versions of final fantasy 3 and 4. They completely remade them from the ground up while staying perfectly true to the originals, which is something I believe they deserve credit for.

  • Games like this, demo or not, should be viewed as Darwinism in games.
    If you spend money on this, you deserve to die.

      • A prequel setting up the story with a unique area, boss and cahracters does not a demo make. Case Zero was a small game setting up for a bigger one. A demo takes portion of the final game and stitches them together, but they are never unique.

        Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty was essentially a set-up for R&C: crack in time, but was $30. would you say that is a REALLY expensive demo?

    • I would call that more of a mini prequel.
      Since this apparently is the first chapter of the full game and does not sound like it is episodic I call shenanigans.

  • Is this game actually episodic, as in you can download all the episodes and this is just the first?

    In any case, I remember back in the days of Sega Saturn Magazine. Only a few issues of that came with a demo and they were more expensive (£5 compared to the usual £3). But I didn’t grumble at that – I was getting a few demos and movies and stuff.

    However, of course, that was physical media and this is digital content on the internet. I’d be a tad annoyed if I had to pay to demo, say, Sonic 4 episode 1 (which is still an alright game IMO).

    I’d be a tad annoyed if I wasted my money buying something that is supposed to help me judge whether or not to waste my money buying something.

  • Well… Capcom kinda made people pay for the Resident Evil: Revelations demo that came with Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.

    I do agree that making people pay for a demo is a much, maybe if it was a game for the PS3 and made the demo a PSN+ exclusive demo, Capcom could actually get away with it.

    Or at least make the demo worth the money people pay for it instead of a few measly minutes of gameplay.

    • The term you are looking for is “fun” =P

      So many games are either uber competative, grindy or just pretty.

      Most take themselves insanely seriously that people just forget to have “fun”

  • Okay CAPCOM, you’re quickly burning out any fans you have left.

    This and the JOKE of a game you call ULTIMATE MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3…wow.

    You’re stretching your fans’ loyalty so thin it’s about to rip like Hulk’s shirt.
    (Incredible or Hogan, take your pick.)

    Adding features that you could have patched MVC3 with, updating that sorry mess, and you want FULL PRICE for LAZY WORK?

    And now you want money for a demo?

    [Extended expletive – you know the one.]

    In fact…Dead Rising series? Not buying it. Phoenix Wright series? Not buying it. Street Fighter series? Not buying it.
    In fact, CAPCOM badge? NOT BUYING IT.

    Until you quit this bullshit, there are studios putting more effort into it that are worth my time and money.


    • They’re charging for Resident Evil 3DS already, which I’d call a demo of a game, at full price, and with no data erase.

      Capcom’s out of their fuckin minds.

  • Man, who would pay money for a sample of a game?

    It’s not like anyone bought Dead Rising’s Case Zero,

    Oh wait…

  • In fairness to capcom (as far as I understand it anyway) Nintendo currently don’t allow publishers to set a “free” price for anything on the eShop.

    It might even have set price points, like DsiWare had 200, 500 and 800 points. This could be the lowest possible option for them. Just saying…

  • Square Enix does the same sorta thing and they’re doing… great? 😉

    They were also gonna have Megaman Legends as a paid demo but obviously they’ve decided Nazo Waku Yakata will somehow soften the blow for canning the megaman plans.

    But I miss the golden age of demos and shareware. I actually *wanted* to buy the rest of the game after playing the demo! Now if there’s no demo I’d rather wait till it’s dirt cheap 2nd hand, or borrow it from a friend.

    • LOL..

      you know if anything this would probably incite the MML fans further seeing as they took the same line of MML Prototype would be the one measuring interest on whether to fully green light the game or not.. and it got canned anyway w/o the pototype ever coming out! =P

      More salt to the wound w/ said title also coming out on same platform as MML was supposed to be on xD

  • Simple. Don’t buy the demo. Check videos on youtube, search previews and reviews and decide whether its worth buying.

  • I’ve never had anything against Shareware, and I find it puzzling that it’s vanished from the market when it had such a positive reputation.

    Considering that Telltale games, etc, are still doing nearly the exact same thing, there’s no reason to let that term stay in retirement.

  • People saying “well _____ company did this or that too” seem to be missing the point. This paid demo is just another bullet point on Capcom’s VERY long list of complete disregard for their fans as anything but dollar signs. It’s like they are doing it on purpose, getting fans to hate them.

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