Catherine Finally Coming To Australia

We've just gotten word from QV Software that they will be distributing Atlus' Catherine in Australia.

The game is now available for pre-order at both GAME and EB, but QV Software have no official word on the release date as of yet. We were told by QV that they're looking at an October release, but can't provide a specific date.

It will be available on both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.


    This is why I import ATLUS games.


      Had the Love is Over limited ed!

      Hooray for white boxers w/ pink polka dots! xD

    Already imported, great game.

    Make a US PSN account and download the demo if you're interested

    sweeeet, will be getting this

    The rate things are going it'll be out here before my import copy arrives. F*** you, ozgameshop - why do you always disappoint me?

      from memory it's a two week wait after it has shipped from them. not a whole lot you can do tbh.

      could try purchasing from or though

      Is it ozgameshop or the Royal Post?
      I've found that they always dispatch my orders within a day or two and the longest I have had to wait is 11 business days - any variance is probably the fault of snail mail...

        I realize it's probably the mail rather than ozgameshop, but for some reason the mail always seems to take longer when coming from them. Generally in the past when I've ordered stuff from UK retailers it's been 7-10 days (that's days, not working days). Last time I ordered from ozgameshop it was 2 and a half weeks, and so far I'm up to 12 days on this one and counting.

      i haven't used ozgameshop before, but i usually import from playasia. even on the standard/cheapest delivery, it gets here in less than a working week.

    Fantastic news! I was all set to pick up a copy on 360 at Dungeon Crawl then all of a sudden it was taken off their website and upon enquiring it wasn't available as an import because it's one of the odd 5% of 360 games that has a region lock. That really irked me at the time, but I can live with getting a copy in October. Got more than enough on my gaming plate at the moment anyway.

      Actually the 360 version of Catherine is region locked. The PS3 one is region free. You can pick up the PS3 Love is over limited edition at Dungeon crawl. If you have a 360, you'll have to wait.

    I have already finished the game, pretty challenging in some stages, but great fun in 2P mode.

    R18 anyone?

      Probably only M to be honest. There's not really any nudity at all, and although it deals with sex, there's not anything shown.

      People have no idea about this game lol. I blame the marketing, but it isn't a slutty dating sim. It's an awesome puzzle adventure game, with a killer plot.

      No way.
      It'll pick up an MA15+, easy.
      Probably something along the lines of Language, Violence, Adult Themes, Sexual References.

        Its got about as much sex as an episode of Futurama.

          No snu-snu?!

    Is there any news whether we'd be getting the collector's edition?

    Already imported.

    QV Software? Haha. Better off importing. Most games QV distribute are basically impossible to find in stores.

    RRP $98? I'll import a copy, thanks.


    ...but yeah, gonna import.

    Only just got word? EB have had it on their site for the last two and half weeks or so.

    This is most excellent news for the 20 people nationwide who will buy it. Strangely enough, I think they are all on this website at this very moment.

    Got it from playasia a while ago(end last week/start of previous?), about the same price for the collectors there as the standard would be here.

    This really only affects 360 owners. PS3 owners should have imported a copy by now.

    Finished it on the weekend.

    It's an awesome, very unique game. I actually really really like the block puzzle mechanic (though losing five minutes because of tiny control mistakes can be a colossal pain in the arse). The ending also sucks a bit.

    Already imported mine. Love that PS3.
    Half the price and earlier? Thanks PlayAsia!

    Who cares, got it from Playasia, already finished it. Thanks PA!

    Played it for 20 hours last weekend and got two of the endings :) Going to try and get the other endings this weekend. Hopefully it will get enough sales that Atlus will start releasing games here.

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