Cervat Yerli: Handhelds Are 'Losing Ground' To Tablets

Speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, Crytek Managing Director Cervat Yerli stated that Crytek has no plans to develop on the PlayStation Vita, and claimed that, when compared to tablets, traditional, dedicated handhelds are "losing ground".

"While it's a nice achievement from Sony in the first step," he said, "it's not something we would take into consideration in the short term."

Yerli said that the consumers now want more from handheld devices.

"I can see that the multifunctions that devices like tablets offer is a big advantage of them. And I think people want one mobile device that can do multiple things," he said.

"Considering this, I think those handhelds are lacking in that area and they are losing ground, actually. I think they have to be more innovative."

It's worth noting that Yerli's dismissal of the Vita is hardly a snub, since Crytek are not known for handheld development. That said, there seems to be a sea change in developers' attitudes towards dedicated handhelds. The quick decline of the 3DS, as well as a rapidly growing mobile market, appears to have many developers questioning the wisdom of pouring resources into consoles like the Vita and the 3DS.

The PlayStation Vita, which is more of a convergence device than the 3DS, may be a good test of where dedicated handhelds are at with the general public.

Crytek: Dedicated handheld consoles "losing ground" to tablets [Gamesindustry.biz]


    So...don't develop Crysis for the Vita, but DO develop Crysis for the iFad? Seriously?

    It's not surprising, considering that even the best mobile/tablet games don't cost more than $20, while handheld games are more than double that price. I think the trend is favouring micro-transactions more.

      people keep saying this yet im yet to see a decent tablet game that would actually be worth the money that a game on the handheld costs.

      sure uncharted on the Vita might cost 2 times as much but i'm yet to see anything that will come close to it.

      not to mention that the ipad(which im guessing is gonna be the most consumer idolised tablet) still suffers the same interface issue as the iphone in terms of buttons and what not.


        I just don't see the appeal of mobile/tablet games beyond simple concepts such as Angry Birds and in those cases I'm not willing to spend more than a couple of dollars.

        I'm all for "smaller" games such as Bastion and From Dust, with their smaller budget and digital distribution model, but I don't want to try to play them without proper controls.

        Although, From Dust might not be too bad on a tablet - so long as the tablet were more responsive than Apple's giant iPod.

    Western developers not interested in handheld development? Mind blown.


    Comon Serrels we've had enough of these posts already.

    Keep these posts coming Serrels - not all of us are nerds that think its cool to do virtual fistbumps hating on Apple/Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo, some of us are actually interested in games and discussions about games and game technology.

      I think this discussion has the potential to be interesting, I just don't think Fire and Brimstone posts like this add anything to the dialogue.

      Handhelds aren't losing ground. They're selling just as well as ever, the difference is that now, people who never played games and playing them on their phones. The market for portable games isn't alienating 'traditional' titles, it's growing and producing new subgenres.

      And these people don't seem to understand that there's a huge goddamn difference between a $200 Nintendo 3DS and a $600 iPad or $70/month iPhone contract. Kids will always be kids.

    In other news, pig farmer says that sheep farmers will go under due to cow farmers.

    Irrelevant news is irrelevant.

    I had written a huge rant but then decided just to say this:

    The Swiss Army Knife is a kickass gadget that can accomplish a wide variety of tasks decently.
    The Swiss Army Knife has not put the Screwdriver/Corkscrew/Knife/Can-Opener/Toothpick/Bottle-Opener/etc. Manufacturers out of business.

    There's a phrase that comes to mind... "Jack of all trades, but Master of none"

      OHHHH! +1
      great post dude, that's pretty much exactly what it boils down to :)

        Thanks, it took me writing 23 novels-worth of 'rant' before I got to a conclusion that I realized was a perfect summary of everything I'd just wasted my time writing out ;-P lol

        Brevity is awesome when I can find my way around to it

    You hurt me , mark...

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