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PC Digital Download Anomaly: Warzone Earth – $3.33 Men of War – $7.47 Naval Warfare – $2.50 Paradox Strategy Pack – $44.99 Robin Hood (Mac) – $5.98 Settlers 7 Deluxe Gold Edition – $19.99 Super Meat Boy – $8.97 Supreme Commander Gold Edition – $6.79 Tropico 3 Gold Edition – $9.98 The First Templar – $15.98

PC Retail Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight – approx. $14.84 Create – approx. $7.30 Dawn of War 2: Retribution Collector’s Edition – $24.99 Deus Ex Human Revolution Limited Edition (preorder) – $37.99 The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim (Preorder) – $42.99 F1 2010 – $26.99 Mafia 2 – approx. $8.81 Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword – approx. $11.83 Total War Shogun 2 – $23.99 The Saboteur – approx. $7.30

Xbox 360 Aliens vs Predators – approx. $19.36 Dreamcast Collection – approx. $26.90 Mafia II Collector’s Edition – approx. $34.43 MotoGP 10/11 – approx. $22.38 Pure Football – approx. $14.85 R.U.S.E. – approx. $14.85 Stoked: Big Air Edition – approx. $14.85 Toy Story 3 – approx. $22.38 Tron: Evolution – approx. $19.36 Viva Pinata: Party Animals – approx. $7.30

PS3 Fight Night Round 4 (platinum) – approx. – $14.85 Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (pre-order) – $38.99 Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 – approx. $19.36 Mafia II Collector’s Edition – approx. $34.43 Medal of Honor – approx. $22.38 MotoGP 10/11 – approx. $22.38 Motorstorm Apocalypse – approx. $26.90 Thor: God of Thunder – approx. $26.90 Toy Story 3 – approx. $22.38 Tron: Evolution – approx. $19.36

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In other news: Sughly delivers.


  • 3DS reserved for the 12th, do they have good discounts on the games anywhere?

    I am tossing up between buying games and ordering stuff from finewhip to….make whipped cream.

    • “3DS reserved for the 12th, do they have games anywhere?”

      I fixed your post!

      Speaking as a 3DS owner, you’ll probably be a bit disappointed by what’s on offer. The price drop still doesn’t fix the fact there’s very little to play on it. Although, I am glad I got in early. Very much looking forward to the free NES/GBA games.

  • CDKeysDirect have steam compatible keys for good prices for some new titles and pre-orders(AUD);

    Deus Ex:HR $31.77
    Duke Nukem Forever $20.87
    Dead Island $40.85
    F3AR $27.23
    MW3 $52.65

  • Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad went up on Steam today (preorder) for $40USD and $50USD with either a 10% or 20% discount (20% if you own RO1). That is certainly a cheap deal!

    • Just an FYI for those who are interested. You will note that we have the “low violence version” noted on Steam. Tripwire have submitted the full version for classification but are unsure if it’ll pass. Hence the warning as a failsafe.

      Only time will tell how it goes for us.

      • Due to Tripwire just finding out that our R18 rating won’t be happening as soon as they like… “implies that we’ll have to accept the cuts to get the 15+ rating – or no release in Oz. Watch this space for further (joyous) updates… ”


  • I thoroughly enjoy(ed) playing Settlers 7, it is a really good game; with the down-side of Ubisoft’s stupid DRM (always online)

  • For anyone who hasn’t played it already, Mass Effect 2 is on sale at JB Hi Fi for $29 till the 9th of August. It’s cheaper than ozgameshop was offering it for anyway, so I picked it up.
    (I don’t know if this has been reported already or not but I though i’d say it anyway)

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