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And now for some poetry… There once was a man with little money, He was starting to get rather worried, Cause he wanted to get games, And it was rather a shame, That the games cost quite a bit of money.

Then along came a man named Lambo, Who decided to help this poor fellow, Showed him how to get games, At prices that were insane, And nearly turned that man’s brain to jello…

(Yes, I know it’s not New York Times Best Seller material, but it's good enough)

PC Digital Download Back to the Future The Game (PC & Mac) - $9.98 Blood Bowl Legendary Edition - $19.97 Garshasp: The Monster Slayer - $2.49 Hearts of Iron 3 - $4.99 Prototype - $10.20 Red Faction Guerrilla - $4.99 Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (PC & Mac) - $13.98 Section 8: Prejudice - $5.09 Section 8: Prejudice Content Pack - $3.39 The Witcher Enhanced Edition - $3.99

PC Retail Age of Empires Online – free Battlefield Bad Company 2 - $16.99 Crysis Warhead – approx. $7.62 Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising - $7.99 FIFA Manager 12 (pre-order) - $41.99 Football Manager 2012 (pre-order) - $35.49 The Sims 2 Double Deluxe - $21.99 Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 – approx. $15.49 Total War Shogun 2 Limited Edition - $28.99 Tropico 3 Gold Edition - $13.99

Xbox 360 Arcania: Gothic 4 – approx. $28.07 Battlefield: Bad Company (Classics) – approx. $15.49 Bioshock 2 - $18.49 Dark Void - $12.34 Halo 3: ODST – approx. $12.34 Mindjack – approx. $15.49 Ninety Nine Nights 2 – approx. $23.36 Ninja Gaiden 2 – approx. $23.36 Stoked: Big Air Edition – approx. $15.49 Super Street Fighter IV – approx. $15.49

PS3 Far Cry 2 – approx. $15.49 Grand Theft Auto IV (Platinum) – approx. $20.21 Just Cause 2 – approx. $15.49 Heavy Rain (Platinum Move Edition) – approx. $23.36 Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection (Pre-order) - $38.99 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – approx. $23.36 Mini Ninjas – approx. $15.49 Star Ocean: The Last Hope – approx. $23.36 Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (platinum) – approx. $23.36 Vanquish – approx. $23.36

Wii Batman: Brave and the Bold – approx. $20.21 Doctor Who – approx. $15.49 Mario Strikers Charged Football (Nintendo Selects) – approx. $23.36 Overlord: Dark Legend – approx. $10.77 Rabbids Go Home – approx. $15.49

NDS Pipemania – approx. $10.77 Puzzle Bobble Universe (3DS) – approx. $28.07 Sherlock Holmes: The Secret of Osbourne House – approx. $20.21 Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS) - $19.99 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D (3DS) – approx. $28.07


    I love our money... it's so colorful :)
    It makes me happy
    Especially when i have a green or yellow one! :D

      Look at the lady on the yellow one..

      You know what she's saying to you?

      She's saying "hey there big boy, i know you want me in YOUR pocket"

      Yeah.. definitely a "hey there big boy" sort of look

        You crack me up little buddy :P

          That's Edith Cowan you freaks.

            That's a HORRIBLE name for a porn star!

            I would have going with Edith Morewang


    What about 'From Dust' for PC on Steam $14.99?

      Usually I don't put a game in here unless it's on sale. Or free.
      Oh wait, why on earth did I put AOE Online under retail???

      From Dust is $11.95 from Green Man Gaming.

    How about Dead Island for Steam from gmg for US$34?

    ... and the way you rhymed "money" with "money": BRILLIANT! :-)

      I'm more hurt that he didn't even hit the correct syllable numbers...

    Has anyone used Any idea on shipping times?

    Its all well and good offering free shipping but I imagine its coming from the UK and as such will probably take +2 weeks to arrive.

      It'll ship the same/next day if its in stock. Delivery is at the mercy of the postal system and has taken anywhere between 7 and 16 days in my experience.
      If you want something quick/for launch don't bother with them. If your in no rush then I'd recommend them 100%.

        I agree they're cheap & reliable. 5 days is the quickest I've received a game, and 2 weeks is more typical.

      10 days for a pair of headphones.

    I may have to stick with Joystiq till this bizarre bad poetry virus that's affected Kotaku dies down, or mutates into Haikus.

    Needs more of Jimu's MS Paint skillz....

      sorry, mother was visiting.

    This may sound like bitching (which certainly isn't what I'm going for), but is there any chance we can start to see some good ol' brick and mortar prices as well? CSG has kind of become a bit of an advertisement for Zavvi (which, while it is a fantastic service, doesn't necessarily need massive free advertising on Kotaku every week), and I'm sure there are plenty of people who like the convenience of being able to go down to the local game shop and grab a game at their leisure, rather than having to wait on postage.

    That being said, well done on the continued postings of CSG, Lambo!

      You mean like this


        Perhaps he means this

        Umm...yes. This is pretty much exactly what I meant, and I have no idea how I've missed it before. My bad! ^^

          That was in reference to jamesmacusedmyhandle, but ecogamer is an option I was aware of.

    Green Man Gaming has Digital Download Deus Ex for 34 dollars. No joke no localized pricing. Bought mine last week with Red Orchestra 2 for 33 dollars.

    Age of Empires should be in the Digital Download PC section, just sayin yo'.

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