Child Of Eden Sweetens The Kinect Sensor Bundle

In case you were still on the fence about dropping $199 on Microsoft's magical camera stick, the company today announced that the bundle is getting updated to include a download code for a free copy of sensual shooter Child of Eden.

Not that Kinect Adventures wasn't enough of a hardware mover, but one can only jump about imagining they're in a raft so many times before it gets old. The inclusion of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's beautiful rhythm action game means new Kinect owners will have another short but sweet game to keep them briefly occupied until something more meaty comes out for the device.

Kinect Sensor Bundle Announced [Major Nelson]


    I was looking at getting Child of Eden :) might be enough now to get me to upgrade my 360 to kinect :)

    Any guess when this will start to filter down to stores?

    zero interest as there is zero voice support here in oz.

    theres no excuse other than total contempt for their customers.

      they've said aus will get voice commands by the end of this year, an with the 'twist control' dashboard update focusing on voice control of the whole console, i'd say we will be seeing it shortly.

    "[...] until something more meaty comes out for the device." - Is this going to happen before the end of the year? I can't think of one title that fits the description...

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