Classic Halo Map 'Blood Gulch' Re-Created In Minecraft

Aah, such fond memories of Blood Gulch. It was easily the most enjoyable CTF map in the original Halo, and it's never been far from Halo players' hearts; it's even playable in Halo: Reach.

YouTube user HitmarkerVS agrees, and has gone so far as to immortalise the classic map in Minecraft. Lookin' good, HitmarkerVS.


    Technically this is Blood Gulch from Halo Reach, or its area in Forge World. The original Blood Gulch had some minor but noticeable differences. And yes, I know how bad it is that I know that.

      The opening of the video even states that it is Hemorrhage as opposed to Blood Gulch.

    This is a recreation of a recreation lol

    i forgot how jarring this game is without the max view distance set way far ahead and with hi res textures o.o

    and i have the halo texture pack :D
    so if you could tell me i would be happy

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