Closure Is Coming To PSN

You may remember Closure, the much-loved browser-based flash game that gently blew our minds with its use of light and darkness. Seeing the potential of Closure to be something bigger, lead designer and programmer Tyler Glaiel has announced that the game will be coming to PSN in the first half of next year.

Closure was released as a small flash game on Newgrounds back in 2009. Despite being just one of hundreds of games featured on the site each day, it quickly drew the attention of gamers who were won over by its clever puzzles and distinctive style. Hey, even I wrote about it back in 2009!

With the success of this early version of the game, Glaiel has decided to rebuild from scratch for PSN, with new puzzles, new mechanics, new music, and all on a much bigger scale.

Until the PSN release, I strongly recommend checking out the flash version here.

Closure hits PSN next spring [PlayStation Blog]


    Nice work with the title Tracey, i am sure alot of people would of clicked on this thinking "PSN is Closing DOWN ???? WTF Happening".

    But i am now going to try this game and see if its as good as you say.

      +1 this is why I opened this page lol.

    lol nice move on the title of the article Tracey, totally had me going then!

    Might have to check it out I think :) Cheers for the heads up!

    Haha, I didn't even think of that. I was going for the most straight-forward headline I could think of, and it ended up being confusing. Bowm bowm.

    Oh, so they didn't get hacked again?


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