Co-Op Multiplayer May Have To Wait In Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Earlier today, a post on the official forum for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine said that cooperative multiplayer for the game would not be available at launch and would be added into the game 30 days after launch "give or take". The post has since been removed, but publisher THQ has yet to confirm any plans or availability for the feature.

Noticed by Shacknews, the forum post said the need to add "polish" to the game's "co-op aspect" is why multiplayer would be delayed. "I will update this thread with all the co-op details when we release them," a THQ community manager wrote in the forum post, since removed.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is due to release on September 6. In a followup comment to Shacknews, THQ said that the game would include co-op multiplayer and "we look forward to announcing more details later this month". That notably does not answer whether co-op will be available at launch, of course.

Space Marine Co-Op Confirmed: May Not Make Launch [Shacknews]


    Could be worse. It could only be available to people who purchased the XBLA Kill Team game.

    I swear to god i'll get an interview with these guys if it kills me...

    That's pretty freaking dumb. Advertise multiplayer, then not ship with it...


        So, reading fail on my part there. Thanks for pointing it out.

        I'll just go stand in the corner now.

    I have high hopes for this one, hope it doesn't let me down. Co-op would be icing on the cake - Assault Marine + Devastator Marine = good times.

    Co-op Multiplayer is the main reason I'm interested in the game, if it's not there at launch then neither will I be.

      Yeah, same.

      So far no confirmation of any campaign co-op either. From what I can gather it will be a "Last stand" type thing.


        Wikipedia says there is co-op campaign but no reference cited.

    yeah co op campaign is what i do be wanting muchly.

    No co-op campaign is a joke,and the dev team in the video I don't think critics will be kind to this game which is sad since 40K is so awesome an IP.

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