Cole McGrath Vants To Sahk Your Blood In Infamous 2: Festival Of Blood

Later this year, Infamous 2 fans will be able to download Infamous 2: Festival of Blood, a standalone adventure for Sucker Punch's open-world superhero PS3 game.

On a cold, dark night in New Marais, vampires swarm the city, killing lots of folks and biting hero Cole McGrath in the process. Transformed into a fanged monstrosity (and possessed of, one would assume, some sweet new powers), Cole has one night to track down the head vampire and kill him.

If Red Dead Redemption's excellent Undead Nightmare taught us anything, it's that an open-world game can be a lot of fun with a dose of the supernatural. Given the southern setting and already otherworldly powers, Vampires and Infamous should go together like coffee and beignets.


    So it's True Blood: the Game?

    Well if its got the same level of quality as the main game and of undead nightmare, we could be onto a winner here

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