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So yeah. Automatic comments, eh? How about that? Welcome to Community Kudos!

This week has been all about the implementation of the insta-comments and the impact it's had on TAY...

Nay - the world.

Thanks Stamperrific - truly I laughed out loud.

In addition, it appears as though we may have to change the work calender in order to accommodate these new changes.

Awesome job as ever Lamboman007.

Just a few comments from me on the new system - please don't be afraid of using the report button. No one will think you're a prude, or a killjoy. One of the main reason we've built up such an amazing community of great folks here is that comments have been moderated in the past! I really want to maintain this amazing community and make sure everything is as awesome as it is right now - so I'm relying on you guys to make sure any trolls get their just desserts!

Anyway - onto the Kudos.

First, a personal one - both myself, Seamus and Elly would like to thank Sughly for delivering once more. I have actually used this pic as my Facebook and Twitter profile pic, as has Seamus!

And on that note - I'd like to say goodbye to Seamus, who had his last day at Allure yesterday. Thanks for everything, and good luck!

This week has seen so many Kudos noms I literally couldn't keep up. For the first time in Community Kudos history I had to take notes!


- First noms are dual noms - both Andrew Burdusel and Batguy nominated each other for the cool game swap they did. Both games ended up having defaced covers!

Andrew did this to Resident Evil Mercenaries...

And Batguy made the usually scarily difficult Demon's Souls a little more approachable!

- We had a nomination for Endu, from Welbot, who wanted to make sure that his nomination from last week (which I forgot about) made it through this week! Apparently you've been quite helpful with some computer stuff!

- We also got multiple nominations for Ben and Tad for implementing the auto-magical comments - but they get money in exchange for said services, so they can bugger off. Congratulations on doing your job you slovenly slobs!

(Seriously, thank you so much!)

- We had a couple of nominations for Anonymous Pessimist - mainly for being funny and his constant use of the KROGAN HEADBUTT.

- Klutar nominated himself for being "sexified".

- Both The Cracks and Lamboman007 got noms for their hi-larious work in taking the royal piss out of the new comments system.

- We had nominations for the report button! Well deserved! What a guy!

- We also had a nomination for Josephine the Kotaku Delivery Turtle who (yes AP, very funny!) Believe it or not, Josephine has actually just gone on her merry way with a bundle of the Community Kudos backlog!

The winner this week, however, is Jo for the part he played in this heartwarming tale...

NONEoftheABOVE had quite the difficult time getting his copy of Crysis 2 from EA, after winning a competition that happened absolutely ages ago, back in the Goose era. After some back and forth between myself, EA and NONEoftheABOVE, he eventually got his prize...

But on the PC.

Not having a PC powerful enough to play, he was at a loss. After having waited so long, NONEoftheABOVE was distraught to find out he couldn't play, until Jo offered to send his copy of the game to NONEoftheABOVE for free!

So, this week's winner is... Jo!


Incredibly NONEoftheABOVE got a nomination for giving his copy of Crysis 2 away!

This community... you guys! Amazing!

Thanks again for another week of the best job in the world! Have a great weekend!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Dammit, I made a nom for Effluvium Boy in hopes he'd get a mention. No mention. Sorry Eff. :-(

      Oh, and congrats Jo. Your out-of-nowhere offer was amazing!

      I knew I'd forget one! Sorry will update once I get off the train for great Eff justice!

    Epic week was epic!!! Congrats to all the deserving noms. ARE YOU ALL READY FOR WEEKEND TAY????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Geez, you really all were nuts this week, congrats and good work everyone, particularly Jo, and always Mark, I love your tags.

    It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

    Good work all, and grats to Jo!

    Also thanks welbot and Fatshady.
    Good work everyone

    Josephine the Kotaku Delivery Turtle!!

    Congrats Jo!

    This has been a great week. I'm struggling to keep up.

    Demon's Souls is the hardest game I've ever played.

    This coming from a guy that laughs in the face of Battletoads level 3.

    If you stop hearing from me on Kot or Twitter, you can assume I've given up all technology and am living in a reclusive hut because of this game.

    Great work all round peoples! Especially Jo and others for their unsolicited gestures of generosity!

    I'd like to point out that I nominated Andrew in particular because he was giving away his prize for winning second place in a GAME competition. That's pretty cool to win something then give it away, so I felt like I had to swap him a game back so he got something for his efforts.

    It was nice of him to then nominate me, even though I think I've probably contributed to an early stress-related death :)

    Also a pre-emptive thanks to FatShady for sending me a BioShock art book. Something to look forward to in the post next week.

    Another thing to look forward to next week is some insane, uncatchupable comment counts (on TAY in particular). Yeah, "thanks" Ben and Tad!

    Hurrah! Does this mean my noms prize from a couple of months ago is slowly coming into my hands? :D

    Congrats Jo!!

    Congrats to all again, was good to get in a few insta-proved comments. Good work Jo!

    Ill be back at work in a couple of weeks and then i'll get back into TAY more often.

    Woot! Nice one Jo!
    They will sing songs about you in years to come.

    That totally tops off what turned out to be a great week guys - Fantastic!

    And thanks again Jo!

    Congrats Jo!

    (hmmm, now I need to think of something really awesome to do so I can get more free stufff... :P )

    "hi i'm the report button! use me!"
    Don't mind if I do, thank you very much.

      Sorry, I pressed report on your comment. You were kinda asking for it.

      Also thumbs up to everyone! Especially Jo and N0NeoftheAB0VE for the Crysis 2 love :)

    The generosity, it warms the heart and tickles the cockles.

      Sorry, that was me tickling your cockles.

        Oh you

    Oh wow!
    Thank you Mark I feel all tingly inside.

      Congrats!!! :D :D :D

      ...just dont mention HoN or LoL. Or I kill you.


    Grats Jo!!

    And yay for Josephine the turtle!! finally!!

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