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Hey everyone, another Friday, another day where I can't think of a decent way to introduce Community Kudos!

This week felt a little bit quiet, compared to last week's rambunctiousness it's been relatively calm - but I wonder if that's anything to do with the fact that I'm not approving comments and finding it a little bit tougher to keep up with the madness!

Still, there was some incredible things I couldn't miss - the main one being the incredible television debut of our very own FatShady.

I'd like to once again thank his Lord Shadiness for putting together such a comprehensive look at the Trials HD riddle and letting chuck in up on the site. Everyone knows what a great job he did with the initial piece, but folks might not be aware of what a hit it was on the site. It was actually our biggest story of the month!

Personally I thought FatShady did an awesome job on TV, and I thought the Good Game producers did a great job of putting the whole piece together - so well done to all. If you guys missed it, you can check in out here.

Also - this was the first week that I didn't get any Kudos noms, which is bizarre considering last week I received more than I literally knew what to do with! It's also worth noting that I'm writing this post at 3pm because I have to leave early to drive down to the snow, so if you've sent any late noms, I'll be sure to add them next week. Feel free to add them in the comments below and share the love!

That being said, it seems as though I'm going to have to select this week's Community Kudos off my own back...

So I'm choosing Batguy.

He knows why, and the person he helped knows why! I'll leave it at that!

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks again for making my job the best job in the world!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Silly Mark, that's not how links work.

    Anyway, congratulations Batguy!

    And Mark, where are those spray-tan pictures?

      Yeah, where are the Oompa Loompa pics?!


        Maybe Ben will help us out......

          There's always Tad.

          He said it looked hilarious.

          You'll help us out, won't you Tad? *Puppy dog eyes*

    Oh wow, damn you Ekka holiday I forgot it was even Friday! I was totally going to nominate Jimu because I missed him while he was not hanging out with us so much and well, because he's Jimu!

    And yeah if anyone has some Wizz Fizz to donate, help an addict out.

    Batguy is made of awesome and I'm sure whatever he did was awesome. Congrats!

    Proof that Batguy wins everything without even trying!!!! If you to humble to let us know what you did could someone else chime in....?
    I too forgot it was Friday....Hope everyone has a good weekend!

      It could be because he's sending aid down the wel. But he may well have done something else.

        Probably this. 'Grats Batguy.
        And even if we can't make it, we're all sending our love down the wel.

    Thanks again for the kind words Mark. I just appreciate having a place to share these stories and such a receptive audience. It makes it easy to do really.

    But batguy deserves everything he wins so congrats buddy.

    I hope this is some sort of consolation for Shady not falling for troll bait, Batguy!
    Also totally agree on snaking.

    OMGWTFBBQ! Cool, thanks Mark! There's a couple of possible reasons but I believe the real clues are in the tags.

    Make sure you join us tonight for some online rocking if you can!

    Also, I think FatShady deserves a little extra praise. You all know from his Trials exploits that he's a Red Lynx groupie, and the daily number 1 ranking in 1000 Heroz has been his "white whale" for 72 days now. Well, last night he finally did it! Awesome work man!

    Batguy, congrats!!

    YAY! Batguy, you , me, MARIOKART 7...that is all.

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