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Good Friday to you all on this glorious day - welcome to Community Kudos!

This will be my last Community Kudos for a while, being that I'm going back home to the motherland to eat haggis, wear loads of kilts and drink Irn Bru until my teeth melt. In the meantime I recommend getting in touch with our very own Tracey Lien at the Kotaku tips email for any nominations!

Last week was a dry, barren wasteland of noms -- they were nowhere to be found -- but this week? There was a barrage, mostly centred around two people.

Chuloopa and Anonymous Pessimist - two colossi. Two magnificent specimens exemplifying the superiority of the Kotaku community. Two man-god-kings standing astride this website like bronzed spartans... two genetic freaks of manliness.

Chuloopa, of course, wrote the mantastical third entry into his Kotaku Chronicles. I was blown away. Not only was it well written, hilarious, and insightful - it somehow managed to fit all of our own posting personalities into a story that mixed the realities of posting on this site with an insane Space Opera style plot. I loved it. I love reading. Please keep up with this when you have the time, because it really made my day!

Anonymous Pessimist - he's like Al Pacino in Carlito's Way. Just when he thinks he can leave Talk Amongst Yourselves, he keeps getting dragged back in. We all miss his manic posting, and his strange ability to inspire chaos, but this week -- with his first mega paycheck from his high rolling new job -- he bought a number of folks a copy of Borderlands.

This is the measure of the man.

Not to be forgotten, however, in the generosity stakes, is Effluvium Boy. Who gave Andrew Burdusel a whole bunch of Magic: The Gathering cards. Personally, I know absolutely nothing about Magic: The Gathering, but apparently that's a huge deal!

As for this week's winner?

It has to be another joint effort...

So congrats to both Chuloopa and Anonymous Pessimist!

I'm very aware that I still owe both of you prizes from other endeavours -- rest assured I will send the Kotaku delivery turtle on her way before I leave for Scotland!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congratulations Loops and AP!

    Love the story Loops, can't wait to see how it progresses!

    Congrats to all! Guess the spam filter ate my noms but they all got mentioned anyway!!
    AP wins without even being here. BOSS!!!!
    Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'm heading home for splodies and juice sex!!!!

    Nice job guys! And we need more Chronicles loops! Now, to go and spend the weekend with Deus Ex :)

      I wouldn't feel right doing another one until mark is back.. he needs to enjoy them too!

    Great work guys! I should probably go read the latest installment of KC now... I somehow never got around to it! Did I get to take part in the spacefaring adventures??

      Not yet, my friend. Not yet

        Ah well. It's only fair, serves me right for being a bad man and neglecting the latest installment.

        But my hopes are buoyed by the "not yet" part!


          Batguy beats everybody


            I spoiled my spoiler by spoiling my spelling :(

    SO RAD!

    One disappointing thing, however - there is no mention of SPACE MARINE in the tags. Tisk Tisk

    I mean - both AP and I are golden man-god kings.. just like, oh i don't know - THE EMPEROR OF THE IMPERIUM OF MAN!

    And now for a small chuckle - my last win was shared too! I must be one of those rad sharing/caring people you hear about all the time on the news. You know, the ones that aren't stabbing people or getting caught up in AFL drug/rape charges.
    Sure is a nice feeling.

    Mark - i love you, and i'll miss you. Please take me with you so i can show all your Scottish friends that Australians come in pale too.

    Grats guys.
    Loops - check your Twitter DMs then email me.

    Harli! What about Harli?! I sent in a nomination for you, Harli. For helping me out.

    And congrats to the two man-god kings!

      Secret womens business!!!

      Oh Strange, it was a pleasure helping you :)

    Congrats to both of you gentlemen. You've earned it :)

    All hail the golden man-god-kings of manliness!

    I shall dance naked for the both of you!

      ***grabs deck chair and popcorn***

      You say that like they don't make you do that anyway.
      *continues to dance naked for the both of them, sobbing*

        It's a gift because I'm willing for once!

    Serrels! YOU BUM!!! I TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEETED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOTORIOUSR! YOU R MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KUDOS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I still haven't been able to play the game yet, but the mere gesture had me rolling around on the floor crying like a baby! YOU DA MAN! Now I just need to start a SWS Fund.


    Save welbot's Sanity

    My gtx285 wont let me past the menus in 90% of the games I play now, so I'm in desperate need of a new one. :(

      Get the Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 560Ti, it's the overclocked version with super silent fans. Excellent card and can play anything that's out these days. Also relatively cheap

        Yay for GTX560Ti's! *fistbump*

        Also welbot, don't worry about it. If it cheered you up, then I've done what I needed to :)

        560 Ti POWERS UNITE!!!!
        i even won mine from here, that's super coincidence!

    Gratz guys!

    And Mark, that should say "Harli and I."
    Come on, you should know this. :P

      English always *was* a foreign language :P

      (The native tongue, of course, being a delicious combination of Scottish brogue and some arcane dialect of Award-Winning-Jernalistâ„¢)

    Aww, I miss you taybies even more now!!

    Thanks guys, I really love the Kotaku Community (as a man loves a fine cigar and also a fine woman).

    Wow! :D Sorta speechless (which is unusual for me)

      Congrats bruh! :)

      And thanks so much for Bastion and Borderlands.

      To quote Bette Midler:
      "Did you ever know that you're my hero?"

      "Oh, cheese and crust! He's lost his head! Damn that Thackery Binx!"

    Loops! Well deserved old chum, looking forward to the 3 way robotic 'butt seks'!

    AP! Your testicles, will be mine, just as soon as my cockpit is done. *glove face slap gt5 showdown

    Welbot! I did kudo noms 3 times via twitter, it never worked for me either! But I also want to give kudos to NotR. One heck of an awesome gent! :-D

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