Community Review - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

As some of you may know, I have family over visiting in Scotland, meaning that I've been too busy touristing to play any games for ages. Now that hasn't bothered me at all, it's been great taking a little break from games -- but it also means I haven't had the chance to check out Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

I'm very keen. Everything I've heard thus far has been mostly positive, and I'm seriously thinking about making it a game that I play on PC instead of console. I do most of my gaming on console, but I have a pretty decent gaming PC and it's not getting enough use these days.

Anyways -- I'm sure plenty of you guys have spent the entire weekend playing this game, and I'm keen to hear your thoughts!


    I'm loving the story and played pretty much non-stop yesterday and saturday but you can really tell it's a console port.

      How so? Aside from the loading I never really noticed any overtly consoley parts

        Play the game on a good PC with a high-res monitor. The pre-rendered cutscenes look vastly inferior to the actual in-game graphics. They're also very muddy, probably done at 720p for a console.

        I'm running at 2560x1440 and the difference between them is striking.

          I do agree that the cutscenes were lower quality than they should have been, I'd forgotten about that

        Low-res textures galore, the sloppy character model movements in the in-engine cutscenes. Lots of corners were cut all over the place. On one of my load screens it even gave a tip about "pressing A" to do something.

          Because PC doesn't have an A button? Joking, but seriously did anyone truly ever think it would be anything other than a port?

          I found it to be beautiful anyway, my only real gripes with the game being the woeful cover play (why the hell do shotgun shells travel wider from the centre of the shot when you are blind firing).

          This iteration of Deus Ex clearly got more inspiration from titles like Vampire: Masquerade Bloodlines and HOMM: Dark Messiah than from its predecessors, which isn't really that much of a shame as much of an unexpected direction.

            I definitely got the VtMB vibe from this as well. Right down to the lifeless cities and same 6 civilian skins. Then again Troika were on a massive decline and couldn't afford to finish the game so they have an excuse. :P But I am still enjoying the game, the story is bloody addictive.

    I never play side quests, and yet I'm doing so in this game because I'm just fascinated with the worlds. The level creation here is astounding and worthy of the Deus Ex name - you don't realise you've actually made choices until you compare your play style with other people afterwards.

      Yeah, the world is amazing.

      I'm having trouble progressing because I'm having so much fun walking around the streets listening in on the conversations of random people.

        I seriously must have a completely different copy of the game. There is hardly any diversity in the civ NPC skins in my game and the conversations are only about 2 sentences and get repeated everytime I walk by. Not to mention every NPC civ seems glued to their location and never leave it.

          Please don't become a game reviewer.

            Why? Because I'm not impressed by lifeless city hubs?

      I agree. The cutscenes seem out of place. Dark an lo res looking. I don't think it's a console thing though, just a strange stylistic decision.

      I agree with the way choices sneak up on you. I had a quick discussion with a friend after we were both about 3 hours in; already our games were vastly different.

      I really enjoy the fact that many of the "choices" you make don't feel like choices at the time, but still change the games in interesting ways rather than just being "fluff".

      It really makes me realise just how disappointed I was/am with Mass Effect 2 and it's "kill kittens/help old ladies across the road" approach to what makes someone "good" or "bad" and how choices - and your characters moral standing - should be made with the push of a button during certain conversations. And then I start to think about ME3, and then I get sad.

          Now that's a game I could see myself getting into.

    Good game.
    getting use to clicking the right stick for ironsight (prefer left trigger) absoluely great game tho, getting me through the wait till me3

      You mean you can shoot in this game that is crazy, I might try that on my next play through.

        Hey, do you troll here often?

          Or he's playing a sneaky close combat takedown person...

            My first playthrough was close combat/shotgun exclusive.

      Same. I wish they had included some options for control set ups.

        I totally agree- it boggles my mind that this configuration option wasn't included. The amount of times I've hit left trigger to aim only to inconveniently go into cover!

          Sounds like Splinter Cell controls - to be fair the LT works relly well for cover in that game and cuz you can take your time to shoot clicking the stick works, but if you need to shoot something fast LT always works better.

    Great game - very similar to Alpha Protocol in some ways but moreso it is reminding me of the original Deus Ex which I wasn't really expecting. Augmentations aren't as crazy as I was expecting though and I'm glad they didn't try any sort of morality meter - I just live with my decisions.

      I agree that the lack of morality meter is a real plus. So much in the game feels like I am treading moral grey area and in the end it's usually just left to me to ponder on the consequences. I do like overhearing the chatter sometimes like "Did you hear that one guy rampaged through an entire gang region? Brutal!"

    There's a wonderful subtle familiarity to the game for anyone who played the original. It doesn't feel like a clone, but there's little references here and there, little similarities in the mission structure that will make you feel right at home.

    Played for 24 hours so far and loving it.

    It's absolutely amazing, at first I wasn't convinced, because I sort of neglected watching the tutorials and then went straight barging into a firefight, not realising that I could die from just a few bullets.

    I gave it another go though, and played properly (ended up using my xbox controller because I just couldn't get the hang of reacting quick enough with the keyboard and mouse, when I say reacting, I mean keyboard controls, mouse is fine :P) and I'm absolutely loving it. I love how much you can affect the game with the conversations and the game, although I think it could look better, has an awesome art style.

    So far, apart from The Witcher 2, it's my favourite game of the year. I'm itching to go home and play it as we speak.

    It's what we should have gotten instead of invisible war.
    It just FEELS like Deus Ex.
    They went to great lengths to make it feel that way though I've noticed. There is a radio show in the background on ocassion playing music from the original, not to mention that the ambient music draws subtley from the original to give you pangs of nostalgia.
    Detroit feels like Hells Kitchen, Heng Sha feels like Hong Kong. That is not a criticism though, they just remind me ofHells Kitchen and Hong Kong, they certainly hold enough personality of their own.
    Finally, the sheer volume of background information is astounding. Admittedly I have been skimming a lot of it, but seeing names from the other games crop up here and there alluding to what is to come is a very nice touch.

    I think it's in the running for some game of the year awards.

    Its exceded my expectations, the gun play is okay but the world is so rich and full of life. the art style is really interesting too. Playing through non-lethal first time is a refreshing change of pace and makes things "tricky".

    play this game, platform doesn't matter really.

    Only played 3 hours. But so far loving it. It's reminding me of mass effect which is great. Though I have had 3 crashes which doesn't impress me, and I still feel there really is no choice between stealth and action and stealth is about double the reward. Though yes you can still go guns blazing but the reward isn't worth it.

    Absolutely love it, so true to the original style. Doing every single side quest to get the most out of it. The only thing that is pissing me off is the janky AI, if you get spotted, just run into the next room and stand around, they wont see ya!

    I enjoy how its put together, playing it on PS3 and the performance is great and the atmosphere of the universe is fantastic

    Well having played it pretty much non stop since release (aside from breaks for boring things like sleep), I have to say its a completely fantastic game. Playing on the hardest difficulty with no kills & no alarms was one of the most fun challenges I've had in years, especially when I made the decision that I wasn't going to be forced into killing people EVEN in the boss fights which didn't count towards the achievement. Whilst it seems like it doesn't do damage, stungun spam is a brilliant tactic to take down bosses. You cloak, get a position on them and then stun them, the stun lasts JUST long enough to reload the stungun (sometimes a fraction less but if you're behind them you're okay) & stun them again. Repeat until they drop, easy, its quite remarkable how fast I went from "Barret is impossible! I'm going to have to turn the difficulty down" to "This is a doddle!"

    Frankly I think this is the game that people have in their heads when proselytising about the first game only this time you don't need massive rose titnted glasses to overlook the really crap parts.

      Oh as an important aside, the loading is awfully long, especially jarring in a PC game, particularly when you're loading a save from a minute or 2 ago when you're in the same room

        How long were loads on yours? Worst for me is about 10 seconds thus far.

        And I agree on Barret. I ignored the stun gun for a while with him because I thought it would do pretty much nothing to him then when I used it I was all "AHUH!! Victory shall be mine!!!"

          I agree with you on the load times. Mine are super fast, a couple of seconds on average.

        Did you get the patch released on Friday or Saturday? It cut's loading time in half, loading a previous save takes about 5-10secs for me, compared to the 20-30 it was doing before so I'm happy with that.

          Well I know I had the game on both those days so I assume I did, how big was the patch? I had to download another 1.8gb or so before the game unlocked, maybe I never experienced the REALLY long load times

        The load times were addressed in an update? Mine were a bit long, the Steam updated the game and they went down to 10 seconds or less..

          +1 , the load times not are actually pretty good.

    Started playing on Saturday and I am hooked. Combat is a bit dodgy, but the stealth and story are top notch.

      I am of course referring to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Getting a little bit excited just thinking about getting back to it this afternoon.

    Excellent Game. The Art in the graphics is amazing, the sound is superb (especially the theme music from the original playing on the radios), and the story pulls you in brilliantly. Also I really like the occasional nods to the first game you see around the place, subtle but present (like the music).

    I've had one crash, and managed to find the side quest bug in Detroit. The Bug meant redoing a lot of work.. but made better choices for it so am no as upset as I should be haha

    Yeah i'm enjoying it. My only gripe is that for a game with so much polish elsewhere, the graphics dont hold up so well.

    Not that graphics should matter... ;)

    Started the game on Hard and tried to do a Pacifist run. 5 hours later after finishing 2 missions I said, "Screw it, let's KILL EVERYBODY"

    And there was much rejoicing.

    It's the true successor to Deus Ex, to the point where it still has some of the problems of the original. The good far, FAR outweighs the bad, though. Easily a GOTY candidate.

    As a warning, anyone who doesn't think this game is awesome better watch out for a little tap on the shoulder...


    The takedowns never get old :-)

      +1 that punch has to be most satisfying game cut-screen ever.. I know we aren't supposed to say video games encourage violence but on the train this morning, the douche with his bad music blaring while I was trying to read.. I was mentally tapping Q and smiling..

        Its okay, as you were only mentally 'tapping' Q, not mentally holding it down...

    I am absolutely loving it. My only criticism is that some of the boss fights force combat. I was under the impression you could get through the game without fighting anyone. I didn't take a gun, because I felt like a change from the typical kill everything that moves - then found the stun them to death strategy because I literally had no other weapons.

    This is a pretty small criticism though. I loved the Witcher 2, but I think this may be my game of the year.

    I was loving the game until I hit the first boss. I'm not properly equipped to beat him, haven't gotten combat upgrades at all and have no spare Praxis to fix that. Don't have anything I can stun or stagger him with so I can get to cover, and after about the 30th attempt I basically gave up on the game.

    It feels like the bosses were made by a different team to the rest of the game, and made for a different game as well. They're the design equivalent of a giant wart in the middle of an otherwise attractive face. Why couldn't they have been set up so that they were avoidable entirely, or at least so that you could beat them using methods other than shoot-in-their-exposed-face-until-they-die? It's very disappointing.

      You can get past him without firing a single shot, use some frag grenades if you have them or keep cloaking and hiding from him he eventually kills himself with his own grenades.

        Also 2 or 3 typhoon blasts will take down any boss.

        Yeah, it's still pretty arse though.
        I invested in the stealth part, and whilst it is most certainly doable, it took a few tries, and I couldn't help but think I would have a way easier time if I had more combat-oriented gear/augs.
        I threw down 3 or so mines and got him caught in an environmental explosion, and that did the job though. There was a fair amount of running around trying to not get hit though.

        It's not only the combat thing either, they just seem so out of place. Talk, shoot, stealth your way out of things, but when it's boss time, it's kill only. It just doesn't gel very well with the rest of the game and freedom to go about things.

          Do the two robots count as a boss? Because they can be hacked past without a single shot being fired.

        Don't have cloaking, don't have grenades, don't have a stun gun, don't have any combat augs. Dropping the difficulty makes no differnece. I think the only way I can beat him is to start the game over.

          Lol what do you have?

            Pick up the gas barrels and explosive barrels and throw them at him. He'll go down in around 3-4 hits.

          I would lay money there's enough stuff in the room where the Barrett fight takes place for you to beat him if even if you went in naked.

          The side rooms in the section where you fight barret have grenades, mines & guns, EMP works well against him to disable him and if you have a save OUTSIDE the room, you can go back through the level and find some weapons. A sniper rifle would be a good choice.

          The unavoidable boss fights do suck though

            i was having a load of bother until Barret pulled me in for a punch to the head. IF that doesn't kill you outright, he starts to pull out his minigun for a close range kill, with this giving me enough time to unload my shotty repeatedly direct to his face.

            Barret falls down, cue much whooping and running around the room. Great game so far :)

      Don't play any of the Metal Gear Solid games then.

        Funny you should mention those, since I loathe them too :P

      I stunlocked him with EMP grenades and unloaded a few shotgun clips in his face. That shut him up.

    To anyone who is already a fair way into Detroit or knows that lady receptionist/whoever in your apartment block is a jerk:

      Funniest thing I have seen for weeks

      Haha! I loled all over the place

    Managed to clock it in the wee hours of the morning on sunday. Loved the game right up until the very end, when it sort of lost me in its conspiracy theory jibba-jabba.

    I don't know, I was really expecting to get swept up in the games storyline, and for a while I was... but it sort of didn't last the entire way through.

    Best parts. The take downs. Because watching Adam Jensen sneak up behind some unassuming lab tech and snap his neck like balsa wood never gets old, Not to mention the mean right hook he packs. Also, the enviroment. Just the entire feel of the game. It captures the spirit and feel of the first game so perfectly.

    Worst bits. Boss fights. Really broke the atmosphere for me. I have vague memories of fighting Gunter (Gunther?) and Female Gunther (Though I kill worded her) from the first one, but the fights with The Bull, Cyborg Rhiana and The Snake just felt flat.

    Australian Civil War! Got to laugh. :P

    Finished my first run yesterday and loved ever minute of my 24 hrs of game time. The developers really paid tribute to the original universe. Nostalgia kicks in plenty of times while hacking email accounts to see main characters from the original still having a presence in a minor way. (And stay post credits!)

    Only minor nit picks is the cut scenes do drop to lower resolutions which is a shame and some minor graphics glitches which will probably be fixed with a driver update. Other than that, awesome, just overtook Witcher 2 as my GOTY so far.

    Ok, not maybe its just me but im a little dissapointed. Its fun and all, but it FEELS like its a game from 10yrs ago. Maybe that was the point but personally I was hoping for a little more. About 5hrs in im really surprised by the lazy nature of the level design. Why is it I can pick up certain crates but not others? I one cardboard box filled with 1ton bricks and the other equally sized one just empty? And why the hell are offices strewn with them? The lighting is very flat...i much prefer the lighting in the cutscenes, and for a stealth based Tech noir styled game i feel everything is really...well...bright. Also, AI is really boring. Basic stealth gameplay is all about watching the endless loops of guards who do really strange things like having a smoke...then pissing on a wall...then having a smoke...then pissing on a infinite. Again, Its still fun...but I really would have liked it if things were a bit more fluid. Also, ive found that while stealthing is fun...its far easier to just sit in a vent opening and kill kill kill...then wait for a minute till everybody seems to forget that i just murdered half a police station...then...repeat.
    The story is your basic homage to cyberpunk, but again, couldnt they have gone a bit deaper than just mish mashing a couple of well loved stories (see Bladerunner/Ghost in the Shell). This is not to say the story is BAD just a bit...well....lazy.
    There has been a lot of talk bout the art direction, but I have to really disagree with this one. I feel that the environments are pretty dead. The city feels more like a couple of boxed in areas than a living breathing place and all of the art direction to me seems to be just a rehash rather than a rethink. And thats fine. just a bit ho hum.
    Overall its a game that reminds me of good times spent 10yrs ago, but thats about it.

      I'd seriously suggest starting again, and try and get the pacifist achievement. Your experience of the game is VERY different from mine, and the boxes will make a lot of sense.

      I also thought the city was amazing with its unique tags, posters, TV and radio shows all over the place.

        Yeah, I thought about that..but there is very little to get me to want to. I mean, stealth mode is a lot more fun (challenging) but it annoys me that its just far more easy to blaze your way through it. To me thats just bad level design and as much as I like reloading saves to get through a challenging section, why would I when I can easily game it and get to the next upgrade in a couple of minutes? The detail on street level is nice in terms of advertising ect. but ive seen more people going about there daily business out in parts of Canberra than I did in the "bustling" subways of this "metropolis". Ill say it again, its FUN but I just think its a rehash. (which is fine...but groundbreaking? not in the least)

          I have to agree, I wouldn't call it ground-breaking either. The problem is, the original introduced a level of complexity that hasn't really been attempted since. I'm just happy this prequel approaches that complexity, and I hope the game is successful enough for more developers to consider Deus Ex style emergent gameplay.

    Oh also, it is so bizarre having conversation options actually accurately reflect (word for word, even!) what you're going to say.
    Alpha Protocol and Bioware have weirded up my sense of conversations in games.

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