Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Playable At PAX

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be playable at this week's Penny Arcade Expo, Valve says. The Xbox 360 version of the game will be on the floor. The PlayStation 3 version will be showing up at Eurogamer Expo next month. We'll be telling you about it soon. EXCITED.


    CS on console is like eating icecream through a straw

      Mmmmm milkshake..

    PS3 version to have steam-works and co-play between PC-PS3 players. Dont see why not, console players may get there asses kicked but hey more players. Also should be able to gain access to mods and custom maps.

    CS on console...?


      I'm a huge console gamer, huge... even I think a twitch shooter like CS on a console is a shit idea...

    If they allow us to use usb mouse + key on this on the ps3, I will cream

    What's the bet to accommodate for the console gamers CS:GO will forgo health in favour of the industry standard 'if you get shot enough go sit in a corner and wait'

    and everyone will hate it.

      That will completely ruin Counterstrike and be totally counterproductive to its well balanced gameplay. Christ I hope not...

        Twitchy trigger finger gameplay having to compensate for the fact that its damn nigh impossible to replicate on a controller, I am assuming some thing will need to be compensated.

        MAG on PS3 is a fun FPS game but I honestly could not get into it because I'm so used to playing with a mouse and keyboard.

        PC gamers and console gamers will have seperate games.

      Don't forget the aim-assist.

        oh yes. . . Console-only legal aimbot, how the PC gamers are gonna hate that. . .

          I say "fuck the console gamers" and let them have the same game mechanics as PC players and they'll quickly see why people claim PC kicks arse over console FPS.

            Too bad the game will be required to have a fair and balanced playing field, which will basically mean requiring gamers to compensate for the console audience.

            Maybe they'll have an option to have the compensation feature activated if the game detects a console player logging into a game server ala Australians logging into international games in L4D2

              If there is a compensation feature it will have to be aim-assist related. No way in hell will someone with a controller stand a chance against a person using mouse/keyboard in an FPS.

    Meh consoles can keep their Counterstrike .. Us PC folks can enjoy Red Orchestra 2

    You guys realize this isn't the first time CS will be on a console right? I have the original xbox version, which was pretty darn fun over xbox live...
    Still getting this on PC, without a shadow of a doubt.

    sigh @ only showing console versions.....hopefully pc gets a beta sooner rather than later....fair enough its a larger market, some love would be nice

    you would have to be on some serious drugs to buy this game on console lol

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