Cut The Rope 2 On The Way For iOS

Cut The Rope 2 On The Way For iOS

Cut The Rope 2 On The Way For iOSI understand that mobile gaming isn’t for everyone, but I can think of a handful of games that I’ve played endless during my commute and completely fallen in love with – Doodle Jump, Tiny Wings, Collision Effect – one of my personal favourites is Cut the Rope, and apparently it’s about to get a sequel.

IGN has an image showing two ropes – so we’re guessing that may be the evolution in terms of game mechanics. That being said, we’re unsure precisely how that will make the tiniest shred of difference in how the game works.

The App Store is admittedly packed the gunnels with garbage and ‘me too’ flash derivatives, but the original Cut the Rope always felt like a true original.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the sequel.

Exclusive: First Cut the Rope 2 Details [IGN]


  • Yay! I have all the stars, though it was only the cosmos box that was really challenging. Hopefully this is a much more difficult game.

  • There are already levels in the original with multiple ropes attached to the candy; seems logical to me that the double rope in the icon is just to signify that it’s Cut the Rope 2. Beyond that, I completely agree: Cut The Rope is one of my App Store favourites – it definitely stands out as an original, made-for-touch-screen experience – and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take it with the sequel.

  • Cool beans, I have all 600 stars so far, looking forward to some new rope cutting action.

    In the meantime, time to keep slugging away at 1000 Heroz, which is such a fun/addictive game.

  • I’m Still playing through the first one. I have all the stars but in cosmos box. Which I still have yet to finish.

  • Bought the first to just for the sake of being “different” from the people who bought the bird-catapult fiasco. Never regret that decision until now

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