Dark Souls Opens With Another Prologue In The Fog

The Demon's Souls story returns in Dark Souls, and so does the game's narrator, and so does her creepy pronunciation of "fog", which sounds like "fug", which Jezebel would tell us is an altogether different thing. Here is the prologue to the game, establishing how the land has once again become a hellhole and why it'll be so much fun saving it.


    If this game is even half as good as Demon's Souls was, I'm going to love it.

    That scene in the fiery pit reminds me of the eclipse from Berserk for some reason.

    Demon's Souls is one of the best games I've played in the past ten years so I have high hopes for the sequel. Even if it is not as good as the original it still may be a great game.

    hmmm narrator has a funny sing-song way of reciting what's supposed to be serious

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