Dead Island Gets The Gang Together To Be Torn Apart

"We hang together, or we f**ked." Truer words have never been spoken, in or out of a co-op trailer for Dead Island.

Whenever you see a ragtag group of survivors banding together to try and survive a zombie apocalypse, comparisons to Valve's Left 4 Dead series are inevitable. So I won't make any. You folks will get around to it, I'm sure.


    It seems more like Borderlands to me, Left 4 Dead similarities end at their being 4 players and zombies

    I somehow managed to get the wife to get a copy of this as well so we'll be doing some zombie coop come September :D

    That chick's Aussie accent is so bad. If you're going to give a character a voice like that then make them look more like one of the characters from Kath & Kim - white trash.

      Yeah I have to agree the accent is a) terrible and b) not really fitting the look of the character. Not being racist but just seems a poor choice in trying to be sensitive to diversity...


    I dunno, she could pass as a decent bogan. Though your right, it doesn't seem to fit the character very well.

    Also, dat music :'(

    This game could be the most amazing thing since sliced bread, but its setting will make or break it in my opinion.

    Still bewildered as to how this got classified and L4D2 didn't

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