Deadly Games

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

Eight People Who Died Playing Video Games [Ranker]I'll assume Polybius isn't on the list because if the game's true existence can't be confirmed, then the suicides it was rumoured to cause are likewise unconfirmed. The other eight are well known tragedies, including the most recent, from the U.K.

The 10 Lamest Superheros [Walyou]I'll stretch the tent here to include our comic-book brethren for Walyou's well researched list, which doesn't default to the usual dumb shit like Stilt-Man and half the Legion of Super-Heroes' membership.

The 10 Most Horrific Faces in Video Games [Gaming Bolt]Another well assembled list, including mugs that aren't just frightening, they're also disturbing, which is why I'm surprised Piggsy from Manhunt isn't here.

Seven Video Game Cereals We Want to Eat [1Up]No, it's not the Nintendo Cereal System. It's a list of user-submitted game-themed cereals that don't exist. Where have we seen that before?

Ten Incredible Chests in Video Games [Joystick Division]I'd like to tell you this includes male pectorals; I'd like to tell you it's a joke that includes the Warcraft Battlechest or the lootable chests in Borderlands Nope, it's about bewbs, although two men are on this list.


    7 video game cereals needs to be relinked.

    About the first list, they seem to ignore a few things. Heart attacks in young people is rare but not that uncommon. A good family friend had a friend die in his 20's. He was fit, wasn't feeling that well, went home and died. A lot of those deaths were caused by other things too. As for the wii one, that was a horrible competition that went wrong.

    The last list, Breast physics are always wrong. Every woman that sees DOAX2's breast "jiggle" for the first time cracks up laughing because it's hilariously wrong.

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