Despite All This RAGE This Is STILL Just A Tease Of A Page

Good news everyone, Kotaku Australia is going to be running an event where you guys will be able to get exclusive, early access to the id Software's RAGE. In my opinion this game is looking quite spiffy. As is our event, which will be held at an awesome, as yet undisclosed location in Sydney.

And just to give you a quick reminder of what you'll be playing, id Software has released this gameplay trailer, which really showcases the advances of the id Tech 5 engine powering the game. Make no mistake, RAGE is one of the best looking video games currently in development, and we can't wait to see the end result.

We'll have all the details on how you guys can enter the competition this Wednesday. Stay tuned folks!


    That article title is all kinds of Awesome.

      As I read it in my head, it was to the tune.
      Best title ever.


        Glad I wasn't the only one.

          Believe me, you weren't. ;)

    Will there be an option to enter or somesuch for those of us that don't live in Sydney?

    i feel like the only person on the planet that just isnt very excited about Rage.

    There is nothing new about it.. looks like i've played it before. I think ill be skipping this one.

      Looks pretty good and different to anything I've played ever. Haven't seen a game like it that looks and plays this well

      Didn't you know, post-apocalypse is the new ww2 shooter.

    Damn, the AI looks so responsive. I've been watching this game for a while, can't wait for it

    I suspect a pumpkin smashing competition....

    From Melbourne - Noooooooo!

      Seconded. Melbourne seems to miss out of lots of these types of promo/exclusive events.

        There have been a couple of pre-release play events since Mana Bar opened. Hell, they had playable Darkness 2 only a couple of days after it opened.

        Until Sydney gets a Mana Bar you'll get no sympathy from us. :P

    God damn that's a good looking game.

    I did tip in the original post on this that it would be Sydney only though - sad face.

    "as yet undisclosed location in Sydney"

    Two gaming news sites, plus Bethesda themselves have already posted the location :)

    Anyway, hurry up, tickets please.

      No, seriously, hurry up.

      True, but ixnay on the operay ousehay

      That's not the event - it's a Kotaku exclusive event. Something totally different.

        Two RAGE events in Sydney? Unlikely IMO.

        I'd love to be proven wrong.

    Yay! I is gonna meet up with my Kotaku peeps again. Maybe....if i can make it.

    Hey its the colonel! haha

    Ooh, now that soccer is over for the year, I may be free to attend this one - so I'll definitely be entering the comp!

    Why the hell in 2011 are we still accepting that game characters open doors without using their hands? What is this? 1999? Forget fancy lighting and realistic facial animation, let's get some of gaming's basic glaring omissions down before we move on to that stuff later, id.

    I'm probably going to give Rage a twirl. Mostly because I haven't seen a single chest high wall in every gameplay demo I've seen.

    +1 to iD for not being gumbies like everyone else these days.

    Oh, I'll be buying this... but not in Australia. NINETY US DOLLARS. Err... no thanks.

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