Deus Ex Human Revolution On The PC Is Region Locked

Deus Ex Human Revolution On The PC Is Region Locked

Online importer OzGameShop has been issuing instant refunds on all overseas purchases of Deus Ex Human Revolution, based on the fact that the PC version of the game is actually region locked.

PC games are very rarely region locked, but on this occasion it appears as though box copies of the game bought in the UK can only be activated in the UK.

OzGameShop sent out an email to members stating the following…

This is an update for our valued customers who have bought one of these titles:

Deus Ex Human Revolution Game PC
Deus Ex Human Revolution Limited Edition Game PC
Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition Game PC

These games use Steam to connect to servers which both register the product and allows on-line play, we now have information stating
that the publishers have issued a lock on the regions so that only the games distributed to that country/region will have access to use them.
Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that the version of these title we will be stocking will be fully compatible with your region, we are therefore issuing you with a full refund.

We wanted to inform you straight away to firstly explain the situation and be open and honest with you, the refunds will appear back into the account you made the payment from within the next few working days.

According to ‘jaycw2309’, an Eidos Admin on the game’s official forums, a copy of the game bought in the UK can only be Steam activated in the UK. Once activated, the game can be played anywhere.

According to Eidos, the region lock has to do with DVD space limitations.

Just to be clear to everyone the region lock is just for the retail BOX copies.. ie if you physically buy a box in the UK it will have the uk region code etc, if you buy a boxed copy in russia will be locked to russia, everywhere else is covered by a rest of world region (including poland).

Due to disc size limitations, the languages had to be split onto different masters (PCs dont have universal bluray drives yet so we couldnt put all on 1 disc this is why there is so much confusion)

Also all versions have ALL languages available. So even if you buy the English UK version, you can change the language to French, German etc whenever you want.. The size of the game meant we couldnt fit all languages onto the disc so you will just download the language pack for the game that is all..

It’s probably worth noting that digital copies of the game are not region coded.

We’ve contacted Namco Bandai locally, and will update the story if they provide comment.


    • i was lucky enough to get in and purchase it on steam before the “Australia Tax” was applied to it, i think i paid $50 for it, pretty much as soon as it was listed.

      • +1111

        Bastards r giving us a PC port instead of a real PC game. They should’ve made the game for PC and ported to consoles (like DICE and CD Projekt) considering Deus Ex is such an acclaimed PC FRANCHISE. Now we’re getting dumbed down gameplay, shitty graphics (face it, the trailer gameplay graphics dont look great) and consolized interface.

        • Actually, if you have a problem with this, dont play it. Pirating just makes you a douche. Also, from what I have seen, the game has many fixes for PC, and while the graphics may not be Crysis 2 level (although there is some DirectX 11 features, PC only), I’m sure the gameplay will warrant my purchase.

      • Tried and true method, I’ve heard.
        A few questions…
        1. You can’t use PayPal as a payment method if your account is in AUD, right?
        2. Does using an Aussie Debit/Credit card work then?
        3. If 1 and 2 = No, then how do you pay?

      • I know this works for some people and doesn’t work for others.

        I much prefer to buy a Steam-activated copy from a different store and then activate it on Steam. Deus Ex HR is Steam activated.

          • 😀

            It’s quite amazing, I’ve never had trouble with Australians understanding the reference but Americans I’ve met online almost never understand it and even have trouble pronouncing it.

          • Really, I love the reference too. I’m shocked yanks can’t place it. What’s with so many (but not all) Americans?

    • Order it through GreenManGaming. You buy it from them, get a code redeemable on Steam and there’s no worry about region locking.

      • yeah not gonna be a real issue.

        those that are affected and are pissed will just pirate it.

        Which will be a shame because then square will come out and say PC gamers are pirates.

        even though its namco’s fault

    • I dont thnk most ppl care since 99% of ppl I know who game on PC buy their games from Steam these days. I am like only one who still buys PC games from the shops and frankly, this new region lock tactic will just encourage piracy rather than hinder it. Observe a torrent spike during launch week, I guarantee it. And no, it wont be PC torrents but 360 and PS3 torrents as well. Good job Edios Montreal, loving ur way of showing ur love to PC gamers.

      • your right Cam local retailers did nothing for the R18+ rating…one of them only got the most amount of signatures ever for any petition in Australian history (including work choices)

        • Is that the same company that still charges $99 dollars for games when overseas has it for $40 something…. Yeah Next!

          • Ever thought of moving overseas? You could have mountains of games imagine? And you wouldnt have to worry about Australians annoying you with there funny acsents and their overpricing of life.

        • They made a petition? That’s the best they could do? I guess it’s not like video games are a big part of their business or anything, I mean they only sell them.

          How about they actually take action. Stand up against the government. Spend some money getting things fixed up. Look at what the mining and tobacco companies did when the government threatened their way of operating a business, did they get a petition? No, they organised demonstrations, produced adverts, hired lobbyists, took the fight to the government.

          Please, they made a petition. I’d call that a half assed attempt, but that would be giving it far too much credit.

          • your comparing i guess we are talking about GAME austrlaia to the mining and tobacco comapanies wow…

            this is where i leave this argument.

          • Thats right go on lick your wounds and come back when you have a legit argument :D. Thank you come again!

          • Nah i didn’t i just think its funny people still pay $99 dollars for games. 😀

          • Obviously you’re still young and you haven’t heard of the concept of supply and demand

            The average age of gamers is 30+, meaning higher disposable income for games, not factoring in if they have children and mortgages and the such.

            Also add that Australia is one of the highest taxed nations in the world.

            I think you’re blaming al lthe wrong people and acting like a 12 year old fool, which i’m guessing isn’t too far off the mark as to what you really are

          • Looks like a lot of people are taking the bait today :D. Thank you come again!

          • No I’m comparing the local Video Game industry to the local Mining and Tobacco industries.

            Perhaps the likes of the following companies –

            EB Games
            JB Hi-Fi
            Electronic Arts
            Namco Bandai

            No-one big though…….

          • Ohhh and lets not forget EB charging $99 for games that have be returned with there 7 day return policy. That isn’t screwing the Australian public at all. 😀

      • Seriously? I can see you don’t know a lot about the industry, but even so, that’s the most idiotic comment I’ve seen yet regarding R18+. Retailers and publishers/distributors here, plus the iGEA are pushing harder than ANYONE for this. They want this more so than anyone! Get your facts straight.

        • That’s complete and utter bull shit. They are doing NOTHING about this issue. If they really wanted to make things change they would simply stop bowing over to the governments demands for censorship. Instead they’re happy with the status quo, they don’t want to rock the boat at all. Truth be told they just don’t care enough about it. They lose out on releasing maybe 1 game a year because of it, but in the whole scheme of things it’s nothing to them.

          • Lots of money spent by the richest industry in the nation on corrupting the political process to make more money is better than small retailers and consumer groups trying to make a change for your benefit? Really?

            Wow. I’m stunned. Can we have comment approval back, please? :S

    • Reading the above comments I would have to say you must have some sort of vested interest in the continued success of the Australian retail market. However what this effectively does is sets a dangerous precedent by allowing the almost monopolization of the industry so that prices can be set at whatever the market deems appropriate without any outside market influence. By denying people the right to access items through grey importing (which is what this is doing and as Alinos pointed out is illegal) allows them to charge whatever they like, without having to worry about there being a viable alternative.

      I’m all for supporting Australian retailers, but given the option, I would gladly pick the freedom to chose who and how I want to spend my money over their continued success.

    • Exactly they are like Harvey Norman had it easy and good for to long and now the public have FINALLY woken up and said we aint going to take this shit no more. Its great!

  • Also should be noted if Steam have the ability to do this it probably will be the first of many games that will be region locked requiring people to support their local retailer and their (in most cases) unjustifiably over inflated prices

    • Steam already practice the art of region locking games – Civ IV was locked out of Australian store for along period until recently … other games are still locked out right now.

      Steam price hiking has gotten worse over the last 12 months

      I do not see it in their interest to hike the prices to the RRP that we have in Australian stores given that the currency they use for our store is USD not AUD ….so for example a game we see on steam is 89USD but in retail is 89AUD -they say make it the same figure at the store in your currency! …that’s just ripping us off and the Australian distributors should be taken to task over this Bullshit practice that should be illegal ….

  • So they say their excuse is because of the language they can fit onto a single dVD, yet then go and state that they’ll let you download any language you want? What BS, this is simply out of greed. They know that some regions are cheaper then others, they can control this with the digital distribution with IP address and credit card checks, but physical copies were always difficult to stop due to the lack or regions restrictions on PC. Now they can use their DRM services to lock this down again so they make sure each region has to pay the “correct” price.

  • Glad I Preordered on Steam.

    I don’t buy the whole “DVD didn’t have enough space problem, so we had to enable region”. I call BS. Add a second fken disk you idiots. They do it for the XBox!

  • call the ACCC because this is illegal.

    We are by law allowed to take advantage of the grey import market something that this has been done to prevent.

    Hell even in europe, there are people who live by the border, who have been told that their countrys version which is 10 dollars more expensive is the only copy they can buy because their IP will screw them over.

    the way Square has let Deus Ex be handled is appaling and i won’t be laying down my cash.

    might just install the new texture mode for the original and play through that again

    • Why does everyone always namedrop the ‘ACCC’ as if it’s going to scare people?
      Do some research before you post – this isn’t illegal. Nor is adjusting the price for different markets on Steam. ACCC can not rule on this.
      Hopefully that clears things up for you.

      Have fun on your righteous crusade of banning yourself playing, while I enjoy my Deus Ex!

    • Sadly the ACCC wouldn’t be able to do anything about it since square enix aren’t based here, at least thats the gist of similar arguments I’ve seen from EU countries

    • The ACCC are hopeless I’ve already made a complaint to them and in reply they just spin some BS legislation that limits their ability to do anything for us customers – useless toothless mob they are really.

      • Then the ACCC should be going after Namco Bandi. They are the distributor after all, they are the company involved.

  • Great – one of this year’s most anticipated games and sales will be driven to the ground because of senseless region locking.

    I was thinking about this, now I plan to just wait until they come to their senses – if at all.

    • Unfortunately, sales won’t be driven into the ground. If they were then they might consider removing the region locking.
      Since nothing should be removed, I’ll consider picking this up in australia, but I’ll be shopping around.

      It also sounds like, from the article, that it is only certain places that are locked, so getting it from America might work.

      • Dude if you weren’t on your massive crusade you’d have seen this link when you started posting 😛

        And if you really think about it the EB sales are just an attempt to get people in the store to buy all the ‘pulp fiction’ kinda games where they might only be making the shittiest profit (that said they could be getting those kiddy pony games or something at a miniscule price in the first place and be making a lot). But the main idea behind them is to get people to keep comnig back to their store and purchase the bigger games from them.
        Pretty much anything you buy here in Australia would have at least 50% markup and it’s NOT JUST GAMES. It’s the only way you can get away with it here, I mean the only places where the markup would be lower would be like Woolworths because they’re selling so much and their catalogues essentially dictate what everyone should be buying.

        I guess that can be the end of my rant….

  • Screw Square-Enix. My Augmented Ed preorder is now cancelled from ozgameshop because of this.

    I’m going to wait til its $10 on Steam during a sale now so they get no profit from me.

    This is setting a bad precedence for future pc releases

    • $10 during a Steam sale still means they earn a profit from your transaction. Just sayin’.

    • Jokes on you for having to wait while we all play!

      You seriously are too tight to shell out $60 for an amazing game? Hell, I’d play DOUBLE the price for Deus Ex/Mass Effect/Skyrim if I had to!

      • @rantOclocl are you a noob? You clearly don’t understand the difference between a publisher & a distributor. I’ll clarify for you…one has control over the game & it’s capabilities (that would be the publisher i.e Square Enix) and the other party controls the distribution i.e. shipping the stock to retailers (that would be the distributor i.e. Namco Bandai). Now that’s cleared up please remind me again who made the decision to region lock?

  • There is no justification for the ridiculously inflated prices we have in this country. Retailers have been doing it because they have been able to get away with it but now some Aussies (clearly not all Aussies if this topic is any indication) are wising up and refusing to support these scumbags and they’re going into cry-mode ‘It simply isn’t fair that our victims don’t want to be raped anymore! Waaah Waaah Waaah!’ In closing – screw Australian retailers, they aren’t getting my money.

        • As JTJ said, I’d like the physical art book and soundtrack.
          But I am seriously considering GMG, even before you posted the link.

          Do you just get a code to plug into steam or do you still need their downloader? It looks like you only need the code for steam activated games.

          • Having just bought it they’ve sent an email saying they’ll send me a key to add the game in steam when they recieve it

    • Doesn’t help those like me that wanted the physical Augmented Ed that came with a physical artbook and soundtrack instead of the digital versions.

      GMG looks like a nice alternative for future purchases though.

  • First time I’ve ever been happy to have a computer that ‘probably’ couldn’t have run HR respectably since I ordered the collectors edition from Game UK…. on the PS3.
    If they’d refunded that, chances are I wouldn’t be getting the collector’s edition at all. Phew.

  • The regions are:
    – UK
    – Russia
    – Everyone else

    Australia is in the ‘everyone else’. You should be able to pick up a retail copy from anywhere except the UK. If you must have a boxed copy, grab the Asian or US release.

    Honestly it’s nice to not be on the end of bizzare regional lockouts for once.

  • IM still a little confused, why are they region locking it?? If it is a language thing I thought the UK spoke English like us only better??

  • i usually buy from Ebay

    and all the games came from singapore
    so it’s still cheap, especially nowadays where AUD is so strong

  • I’m still buying this game overseas because Australian prices for video games are absolutely stupid. For instance I got The Witcher 2 from England for $47 brand new including postage while here you pay double that!

    Even if its region locked (the reason I think still sounds bogus) I’m going to buy this overseas. I’m sure someone will figure a way around the lock or it’ll be sold region free from somewhere, such as India.

    • You could probably activate it in the UK by using a VPN or Proxy service. But until it’s released it will be hard to know for sure.

  • I have mine ordered with CDWOW, wa only $38 (had a voucher). What does this mean for me? I know they import, I think from the UK like Ozgameshop.

    • I think they get their stuff from all over the world not just the UK. I would assume they would ensure it works in Australia, but if they haven’t posted anything I’d email them.

  • For this special case, I had no probs racing out to preorder locally to guarantee a big Collectors Edition. However I’m a self confessed Dues Ex fanboy.

    But I hope this doesn’t become the norm…

  • What about my girlfriend? She wants to play this but her English reading ability isn’t so good. Looks like a proxy may be my only way.

    That or piracy.

  • For all those wondering about Green Man Gaming, they have been around for quite a while and I have purchased tons of stuff from them. As Deus Ex is a steamworks game, they essentially email you the steam key prior to release, and you download install the game directly from steam.

  • I really fail to see the point of region locking the game, I’ll spend the money on another game thanks very much. Consider my not buying a copy of it elsewhere my objection to the practice. Ozgameshop is going to refund me, so it’s no skin off my nose,.

  • Goddamn it, first game I pre-order for my new PC and this happens. Guess I’ll be getting it for consoles.

  • I received this email last night. It was very angry making >:(

    I’d just bought and built a brand new machine to play Deus Ex at its finest and was looking forward to the physical version of the augmented extras.

    Now I have to decide whether or not I’ll be too bitter to enjoy the game if I buy a digital version instead.


  • Wow, this was the first game in a long while that I had bought (pre-ordered) here in Australia. I would be bloody fuming right now if I’d imported it.

  • I was a self-professed doubter about this game. I played the leak, then pre-ordered from overseas right away.

    Well namco, you can be sure I won’t be buying this game in any form now. They say piracy isn’t a lost sale, but this time round it sure as hell is.

  • Went to zavvi to cancel my preorder, but then discovered I’d actually ordered it for 360 (since pc gaming is a pain in the arse and I can’t be bothered with it anymore). Phew!

  • This is horrible… Preorder cancelled and next week ruined… was ordering from uk. 64e here in finland, 40e in UK. Not going to buy it at all. Seeding and leeching madness unfolding.

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