Dick Smith Is Selling The 3DS For $199

As we're all aware, Nintendo has been forced to give the Nintendo 3DS a much publicised -- and much discussed -- price drop for the 3DS. The new RRP is $250, but we've just gotten word that Dick Smith are about to start selling the 3DS for a ridiculously low $199.

There's one caveat -- it's for three days (starting tomorrow) only. The sale lasts until Sunday.

The deal is available both in-store and online and it's a pretty ridiculous deal if you ask us.

Nintendo 3DS for $199 at Dicksmiths [OzBargain]

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    Well, if you're going buy something that you're not going to use you might as well buy it for as little as possible.

      By that logic, isn't it better to wait until people have bought them with this deal, realise they never use it and sell it on ebay so you can pick it up for half price?

      Ive used mine EVERYDAY since I got it.

        For what?

        It can't be gaming...

          Ive only had it since Jul 16th, but mostly gaming. Some net surfing lots of streetpass getting.

          And now some DS gaming as I got the shits with Zelda.

            I really laughed out loud at that

            how is the zelda game, is it ocarina of time?

    This seems like a reasonable deal. Might have to give up on my idea of waiting for decent games, so I can play Zelda on the plane.

    While we're on the subject, has any 3DS owners being able to link their console to their Club Nintendo account? I changed some details for my Club account (email address) and I haven't been able to link it after the change...

      I did!

      It seemed to take about a week before it would let me, but it finally did.

      I had issues linking mine due to the capital letters in my password. As it turned out, the dictionary of the text entry system was taking out the capitals as I was creating the new word it didn't recognise, so when I tapped OK and it turned the letters into stars, I couldn't see that they were lower-case. Entered the whole thing in letter-by-letter and it worked straight off.

    Geez... it's starting to look like a fire sale.

      Oh, my God, we're having a fire. Sale. Oh, the burning! It burns me! Evacuate all the schoolchildren! Amazing Grace. This isn't a fever! Can’t even see where the knob is!

        South Coast Boutique is having a fire sale???

        lol, you blowhard!

        And scene.

      Quick wheres John mclane only he can save the day

    DAMN! I already just bought a whole bunch of stuff and spent all my money and now I hate myself and I wish I was DEEEEAAAADD!!

    This could be the shot in the arm Big N needs...

      You've made a huge mistake.

    LOL @ Neo-Kaiser

    Mark, you gotta check your spelling. There's no 'e' in ridiculously. But maybe there's a pun in there I missed?

      NM, u fixed it!

      I thought it was deliberate because the 3DS is also launching a RED colour.... Isn't that the pun?

      Spell-checkers are all the rage these days!

        So are snare drums

    Still nothing of interest to play though....Outside of Zelda, the system is still a dead zone for games

    The price maybe falling, but there is one thing that still keeps me from buying local - the region locking.

      What about ozgameshop?

        Or zavvi etc.

        Is it theoretically / actually possible to remove region locking in the future with a system update. I mean I know it's not going to happen, but is it possible?

        We changed the darn rating system in the country, we can change this darn region locking too!

          I think the Supreme Court has already ruled that region locking is anti-competitive and any measures to circumvent it are legal. It should be illegal to have region locking, but somehow I don't think that part of the ruling is enforced.

    $199 is still too much for a dust collector.

      Please go away with your hate crimes

        hate or truth :D

    I'm still rocking my massive grey brick which has done a comendable job of playing Pokemon and Phoneix Wright...maybe it's time I considered an upgrade...what's it like playing DS games? Cause that's all I'll probably be playing on it.

      If you're upgrading from the original DS then you'll definitely notice the brighter screen and bigger stylus.

      Using the slide pad instead of the dpad is more comfortable for some games too.

      The only downside will be the battery life...

      The upscaling of graphics to vertically fill the screens certainly isn't perfect - I for one was kinda repulsed by it initially - but you eventually get used to it, and you have the option of disabling the upscaling and playing the games at their original resolution. Beyond graphics, there's pretty much no real difference; no incompatibility problems ensue, and the circle pad maps to the d-pad as well if you're more comfortable using it instead. I'm certainly quite pleased with it, being that I literally own no 3DS games and just play DS games on it.

      Is better, you will see.
      Even the lite was better.

      I will always miss Advance backward compatibility though.

        Thanks for the tips. Might get one just so people are not as horrified and fearful of their saftey when I pull out my massive and deadly grey brick on the train.

        Backwards compatability was the bee's knees. I would have never of discovered Golden Sun without it.

        My slot 2 flash card fixes this problem. Being able to play Pokemon Yellow on the DS Lite really is a beautiful thing. Brings back memories from about 12 years ago when I never managed to finish it.
        Also Lemmings on DS lite is just fantastic. Playing actual DS games is probably less than half of what I do on the DS though. I certainly don't feel the need to "upgrade" anytime soon. Battery life is still fantastic.

    I'd buy one if they were around $50

      I'd buy two!

        Hell I'm thinking of buying another one I love the 3DS!

          what are you retarded?

    Yeah I'm in two minds about this - son has a DS Lite my daughter is turning 6 this year and will want a DS too, if I get her a DSi no problem, but if I get her a 3DS then I'm gonna have to get two of them because once her older brother sees what a 3DS does in comparison to a DS Lite there'll be jealous rages ahead.

    Soooo, might wait till Xmas (If DSE is going $200 someone else will blink lower than that before the year is out) and get them both one :)

    If I had $200 to spare I'd probably get in on this, though it still mightn't be worth it considering the only games I'm interested in are Ocarina of Time and Lylat Wars - games I already played like a over a decade ago.

    haha ! Clearly getting rid of them :P

    3DS for $200, or I could put aside $50 extra + shipping costs to get a PS Vita with guaranteed decent games at launch to boot... Yeahhh PS Vita seems more appealing.

      This. Shame it's delayed though.

      As much as I'd like to replay OOT on a portable, it's not worth ~$250.

    How's the build quality? I've heard rumours about the screws being overly tight and the bezel on the bottom screen wreking the top. Even though I havenn't touched my DS since soul silver and I reckon the Vita will be the goto handheld this gen, I'm a sucker for mario and pokemon games which you can only get on the 3DS, so I know I'll buy one eventually.

    Haha.. great picture.. so good on so many levels.

    Does the 3DS have no region-locking for original DS games?

    DAAAAAMN. I dont get paid until next week. I guess I didnt REALLY want one..

    The Dick Smith site is down! Ahh! I want one now!

    JB will be selling it for the same price for a few days starting tomorrow. I wonder if Dick Smith have the same time limit in mind.

    wow looks like a good deal might get it since im gonna get my tax refund soon...


    Front page of the next dick smith catalogue guys.. will be on for at least the next 2 1/2wks before going back to the $249 RRP.

    i'm hoping to get one tomorrow just so i can get flipnote. just so i can watch that guy getting kicked in the ass over and over.

    Still not worth it. There are absolutely no games to play, the Nintendo Store is an overpriced joke and there is no hope on the horizon.

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