Didn’t Register For Nintendo’s Ambassador Program? There’s Still Hope…

Didn’t Register For Nintendo’s Ambassador Program? There’s Still Hope…

I used to have nightmares that I was still at University and I’d slept through my final exams. Not anymore. Now I just wake up in a cold sweat thinking I’ve forgotten to register for Nintendo’s 3DS ambassador program. But there’s still hope!

Nintendo Australia has just confirmed with us the specific details of how to register for the Nintendo Ambassador program if you haven’t already. This has been chopped and changed so many times over the past month, so we thought it might be worth clarifying a few things.

– If you accessed the Nintendo e-shop at any time before August 11, you’re automatically on the Ambassador Program. That’s not new, but probably worth reiterating.

– If you didn’t access the e-shop, you no longer need to fill out any forms or pdf form. All you need to do is send Nintendo your receipt, along with your name, email address and the serial number of your 3DS.

– Credit card statements or any other statements aren’t viable methods of proof of purchase — even if they feature a letterhead.

– Nintendo also recommended keeping a photocopy of your receipt since they won’t be able to send any back.

– You have until September 30 to register.

– You must send your receipt and information to the following address:

Attention: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program
804 Stud Road
VIC, 3179


  • This information isn’t really clear. So I did access the store before August 11th so I’m automatically on the Ambassador Program.

    But am I still required to send my receipt to Nintendo or is this for people who didn’t sign on to the Nintendo shop before Aug 11?

    • Yep, you’re all good. There’s no need for you to send your receipt.

      If you couldn’t access the store before August 11th but still had a receipt stating you purchased your unit before then, then you can send in the receipt in order to become an ambassador.

  • Nintendo are jerks with proof of purchase. My brothers 3DS broke, we sent it in with the receipt. They lost the receipt. I had to go to game and get a reprint. Which apparently wasn’t valid. I then had to go to GAME, and get them to print off a transaction history. Still not valid. I then had to go to GAME, have the branch head sign a letter confirming I had bought a 3DS, and then send that it.

    And then it cost me $150 to repair. (sent it in as L button stopped working, they said I had damaged the game slot and broken the R button instead, which is a load of ^%&$, but I couldn’t prove anything)

    F*%$&^NG NINTENDO!

    • They are only “jerks” with proof of purchase because there are many real “jerks” who try to wrought the system. People aren’t honest dude and Nintendo are only trying to weed them out.

      If everyone in the world was honest we wouldn’t have this problem. Blame humanity, not Nintendo.

  • Question. I bought the 3DS on launch, never connected it to the eshop, but lost it about a week after i bought it. i have bought another one since the price drop. i still have the receipt from the original one i bought (at full price). would i be eligible for the free games if i send that recipe in?

  • Got news today that my application has been processed successfully and should see my games over the next 3 weeks 🙂

    Thanks again for the heads up Kotaku & Nintendo 🙂

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