Digging Into Diablo III’s Beta And Player-Paid Auction House

Digging Into Diablo III’s Beta And Player-Paid Auction House

Our own Michael McWhertor spent the better part of a day last week meeting with Blizzard and playing through a healthy chunk of Diablo III.

What did he find out? Plenty.

For instance, Blizzard is going to require gamers to stay online at all times to play their game. There will also be an auction house where players can sell the goods they grind out of a dungeon. You can even get real cash for those sales.

The upcoming beta, McWhertor writes in his extensive preview, “feels like the click and kill experience that made the previous games so immediately gratifying more than a decade ago. Diablo III’s early acts feel atmospherically in tune with the previous entries, filled with runs through undead spewing graveyards, infested cathedrals and dark caves overflowing with creepy crawlies. Already, it feels infinitely replayable, thanks to the now standard stuff-randomly dropping loot, randomised dungeons and a strong cooperative multiplayer experience.”


    • Exactly my thought: altogether the last day news made me decide to go for Torchlight II and not get anywhere close to Diablo III.
      Online only? Mods banned? Seriously? And this stuff just to ensure that some online economy can work. I couldn’t care less about auctions houses, but this Diablo game should have been a platform for years of modding. Oh well, at least I can go on staying away from Blizzard, their ethics stink so much.

      • Their ethics stink?

        They are doing what is right by their product, there is nothing unethical about that. They are trying to adjust their strategy by adapting to what has happened in the past. There is no reason to play a game like this offline, and complaining about a lack of mod support is ridiculous as many modern games lack it.

        Are you just complaining to pass the time?

  • Wait, this post is just telling us that someone else wrote up a article on D3? Not even on another site but this one, a short scroll down the main page?


  • What did he find out?

    About two paragraphs worth.

    Real cutting edge journalism here, just a rewording of the press release.

  • I don’t get why people moano much about a constant net connection okay if you’re on dial up in the country. But the games are being made for a wider audience not a few whining people. Think about how much you will enjoy these games once you’re finally able to play them at some point. The rest of us will be clicking away on release date. Can’t wait!

    • The reason people moano so much is because, rather than ‘thinking about how much they’ll enjoy them’, they’re thinking about whether or not they’ll ever enjoy them.

      I’ve recently moved to the country and have suffered regular and extended drop outs of internet service and been forced to console my WoW, Halo Reach and MW2 denied hours with single player games; all in all not a bad thing but it’s pretty frustrating when you can’t play the game you want to when you want to. Diablo 3 is a game I was extremely excited for and expected to play whenever I wanted, and now fear I will have less of an experience than other people who own it, simply because Blizzard insist on sticking a DRM based requirement on a game that doesn’t need it.

      I think it’s a pretty good reason to whine.

  • I can deal with that if they are telling me that the auction house function needs you to be online but what if servers go down? what then? I can (barely) deal with that for online games but there really is no reason they can’t do an offline mode.

  • They should have an offline mode for characters and take out the ability to take that character online. Problem solved.

  • We all have broadband which is always online. The only problem I see is for the people who just want to pirate the game. Seriously, MP is where this game is at anyway.

  • Can’t wait til we’re told Bliz/Activision will charge real cash to put items in the Auction House – even when you’re not selling items for real cash.

    Sounds like they’ve been watching EA.

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