Does This Sound Like The Year 2027 To You?

Does This Sound Like The Year 2027 To You?

To capture the sound of the year 2027 for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Eidos Montreal recruited a man with hair so glorious the music composer had to be bald to balance it out.

While the graphics folks are busy working on textures and such, the sound folks are busy trying to create the aural identity of a world that doesn’t exist. They’re trying to come up with sounds we’ve never heard before. How difficult is that? Try to imagine a sound you’ve never heard. See? It’s nigh impossible, unless you have amazing hair.


  • Game looks amazing. Initially pre ordered through EB, but lucky to score augmented edition off ozgameshop, ended up buying BF3 Limited and DE:HR for the same.

    Downside is, won’t have it the day of release, but oh well.

  • When I saw this video…

    I *SPILL* my *DRINK*! XD 🙂

    From the perspective of a fan who played/finished DX, this sequel looks a lot better than DX:IW(a.k.a DX2)!

    Perhaps this is Ubisoft’s attempt to make their own Mass Effect universe? Making games set before the DX era, with enough time between to make some brilliant story driven titles?
    (30 years before DX after all. One game per decade perhaps?)

    • Nah, I don’t think Ubisoft are attempting to have their own ME with DX. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eidos/Square Enix is.

    • Those are KRK’s. Can’t quite tell which model but they are wonderful monitor speakers regardless of one’s price range.

  • Ok, I don’t really have an interest for this game.. but I just had to read the article to see this so-called ‘glorious’ hair.. but now, maybe this game is worth a rent 😀

  • ah the sound designer has an animals as leaders top on!
    judging from that, this game will have amazing sound 😛

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