Don't Forget! Today's The Last Day, 3DS Owners

Today is the last day for current Nintendo 3DS owners to register for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program. Just connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Nintendo eShop by 11.59pm Eastern time (2.59pm AEST) to receive 20 free downloadable games.


    Any news on a list of the games yet?

      Was posted a while ago, and you also would have got a notification on your 3DS with the list too

    so...our deadline is europe's august 11th 11:59pm?

    Can we get confirmation on this ASAP?! I need to know whether or not I can spend $250 and get the games. I can probably wrangle 3x 3DS sales for Nintendo out of this, so someone let me know!

    So what is going on with the free copy of Metroid Fusion that was meant to release yesterday at 2pm, previously reported as Wednesday 2pm? Is that now 2pm TODAY?

      Nope, that article was updated just afer it was posted. We're getting the game later, the 2pm cut off turned out to be for the whole program, not just Metroid. I beleive we get the game in late september (20th I think) as that is what it said on the notification on my 3DS

    Did this back in July, I downloaded Pokedex 3D and Nintendo Video and added six games to my watch list. Is this enough to get me registered or do I have to actually buy something in the eShop?

      Either way, its too late now :(

      You should be right though, they did just say that all you needed to do was access the Eshop before the price cut

        In that case I'm in the clear. Admittedly I've been going into the eShop app thing on my 3DS every day for the past week or two for good measure. Paranoia perhaps?

          haha not at all, I made sure to jump on last night just to be sure :P

    I'd really like to know if this is still available to us today because I will DEFINITELY go buy a 3DS at lunch time if I can. I was under the impression it was midnight last night.

    Alright guys, I've just spoken to Nintendo Australia using my sneaky retail contacts. It's -definitely- finished for Australia. So no 249+20 games :(

      Oh, and Nintendo have "Nothing to announce" regarding a Flare Red 3DS for Australia. I didn't think so, but I asked anyway :P

    Wish I had read your message half an hour ago. I bit the bullet and picked one up :(

      3DS for 250 with Zelda is still pretty good, man~

        Sure, except I got Monkey Ball, not Zelda. It's a piece of shit, in case you were wondering!

          Hahaha! your a marketers dream XD

            Not a lot of choice where I live unfortunately. EBGames is the only local store offering anything at the new price. No JB Hifi or Game within 1500km. I wouldn't have made the purchase today without this story being posted.

            The console's still a great buy for the price, don't get me wrong. I may take advantage of EBs 7 day return and re-buy online with a game that doesn't blow.

              Oh ouch. Regional WA or NT or something? As per Mark's article, GAME add in Zelda, and they should ship it to you for free online, too.

    I say this story and thought I had been misinformed as to the cutoff (which I thought was last night, hence the price drops starting today)

    I had my hopes raised and dashed all the space of 30 secs (after reading the comments), but at least I didn't waste $200.

    picked mine up today from eb got them to knock it down to 200 for me and ambassador program is finished

      Yeah, make sure you mention to EB the Dick Smith special. $199 for a 3DS is a great deal.

    Just a heads up, on Gizmodo they're saying that the ambassador program has been extended as long as you purchased the 3DS before the 12th and have proof of purchase.

    If you didn't connect to the internet but DID buy before the cutoff.

      Thanks for that, I'll keep that link handy... just in case lol

    Just got a 3ds + OOT for 240 at HN. Argued with him for 40 mins for it. Stoked.

      Hahaha - brilliant, can we have some more detail?

        Live in a remote location in WA. HN and EB stores in town. Called EB and they couldnt price match on the DSE price due to online price and store wasnt in the town.

        Called HN told them about the DSE price. Had to explain to them the 3DS price slash, they didnt believe me so i told them to go on the nintendo website. So they said ok we can do 250 but we have to call DSE to check out the price, to see if youre bullshiting us.

        DSE site is down for 2-3 hours. Guy calls back later and gives me a lame excuse for no DSE price, but can do 275 and 2 lame games. So im like watevs mate, no sale kthx. Get a voice meessage on the phone 10 mins later. Ok we can do one game + 3ds for 250. Call back and say: "Ok, you got OOT?" hes like wtf is that, yep we have Zelda. Ill take a black 3ds + OOT for 240 thanks. Dude laughs and says yep I can do that for you. GG


          Glad you beat the HN guy into submission. They are so clueless whenever I have been in there. The only game I ever bought from them was for he N64 out of a bargain bin (which I later sold to EB for a profit).

    Well that's a shit, guess it's my fault for being out of the loop. I couldn't help but just ignore my 3DS, Nintendo just released it too early. It's been gathering dust for weeks... Stupid price drop eStore nonsense. Damn you Nintendo & your idiocy! Damn you to Heck!

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