Don't Get Caught Out In Heavy Rain's Concept Art

French artist François Baranger has been doing concept work for years now, and has experience in the worlds of both film and video games.

Some of the movies he's worked on include Prince of Persia, GI Joe and the 7th and 8th Harry Potter flicks. And games? Most of them are still locked away under NDA, but one we can look at is Quantic Dream's PS3 thriller Heavy Rain.

Baranger completed dozens of beautiful concept paintings for the game, helping establish not just the look of Heavy Rain, but its mood as well.

You can see a selection of these in the gallery above, while there are examples of his other work at his personal site, linked below.

To see the larger pics in all their glory, either click the "expand" icon on the gallery screen or right click and "open link in new tab".

The Art of François Baranger [François Baranger]

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    So other than Heavy Rain (and maybe games yet to released) his talent has been going to absolute waste it seems. Hope he got paid good for that other crap because there ain't no integrity in that stuff.

    Looks like they used most of the art in the game but just scaled back a few.

    Incredible! The detail is amazing.

    All this amazing art and they couldn't find decent voice actors.

    Great stuff. Really like the mix of digipaints and photo matte painting. AND really enjoying these concept art posts! Keep it up Kotaku!! oh....and whatever happened to all those drawing contests you used to have?

    I loved Heavy Rain. That art is absolutely stunning.

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