Don't Let Some Rules Stop Your Sexy

This weekend, the Comic Market, aka Comiket, tore through Tokyo. And earlier this month, new rules were revealed for skimpy Comiket cosplay: cover up!

But as thongs throngs of cosplayers descended on Tokyo Big Sight for the expo, one thing was certain: Rules schmules!

Comiket is a twice-a-year event. Traditionally, the event's main draw has been limited run, self published comics. In recent years, cosplay has become a major attraction, with daring cosplayers wearing even more daring outfits.

Hence, new regulations that hoped to dial back the skin and underpants. As previously posted, tabloid Tokyo Sports reported that outfits that display underwear or genitals were banned — ditto for any outfits that placed extreme emphasis on genitals or not wearing underwear. Those who wear swimsuits also had to wear underwear or undergarments as well as tights and stockings to mute excess skin.

In year's past, provocative might have meant a see-thru top or ridiculous underpants. This year, it meant ditching tights, and showing lots of leg.

Because slapping on a pair of pantyhose and trying to pass a sexy character off as PG-13 can ultimately ruin a cosplay — and this year, did. A few, however, pulled off outfits that adhered to the new regs effortlessly.

If Japanese comics or adult movies are any indication, the country can get very creative when circumventing censorship.

Even with these new rules (and new rule bending), many of the cosplayers at this year's summer Comiket did push the envelope, rebelling in small, yet significant ways. With the laundry list of rules at Comiket, other Japanese nerd events like the Tokyo Game Show or Wonder Festival, could see a new round of regulations — and a new round of rule bending.

If Japanese comics or adult movies are any indication, the country can get very creative when circumventing censorship.

Check out the gallery with photos courtesy of Asagawo Blog, Gigazine, and sister site Kotaku Japan. Some photos might be NSFW.

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    Mario cosplay FTW

    Ahhhhhh so whats the last pic about? or is this one of the personal collection slipping in? lolz

      bashcraft and his boob shots. You can never quite tell.

    Heck yeah, Godot. And that Alphonse is magnificent!

    How does Saturn man even see!

    Lol at madoka. I'll be cosplaying her in less then two weeks time. And the costume still isn't complete!
    A lot of those cosplays are quite tasteful, but my favourite is the mario one, pure awesome.

    Also you can buy full nude coloured body suits if you really wanted to do the skimpy thing during cold weather.

    O RLY Japan? You finally decided that cosplay that displayed genitals shouldn't be allowed? And you had to enact a law to prevent that specific phenomenon?

      The forever alones into all that creepy manga shit were really pissed off, give them a break man.

    Much lol at Wally.

    LOL at the sheep Vincent from Catherine... Also Lady Gaga!

    That Alphons eis great!

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